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20 Healthy Weight Loss Tips From People Who Lost Over 50 Pounds

I reached out to the Coach Calorie Fb group to ask them what their key to dropping 50+ kilos was. Thanks to all who contributed. Literally a whole lot of ideas have been emailed in and posted on Fb. All the ideas have been compiled, and a standard pattern started to take form. Right here they are – 20 of the perfect healthy weight loss ideas from individuals who have misplaced over 50 pounds.

Drink Water

Making sure the standard of your liquid intake is as much as par by making certain you’re predominantly consuming water is likely one of the greatest issues you are able to do on your well being and waistline. This tip was in all probability the preferred of all submitted.

The body is greater than 60% water and each perform of it depends on water and hydration to run optimally, and that features burning body fats. And let’s not overlook consuming extra water displaces a few of the more calorie dense drinks in your eating regimen.

Hold a Meals Journal

Food journaling modifications your consuming from a senseless occasion to a aware one. Research have proven that people who journal their meals intake find yourself dropping twice as much as in comparison with not doing it at all [1].

There are various levels of journaling – counting energy, counting fat/carb/protein grams, or simply writing down once you ate, what you ate, and probably the way you felt at mealtime. Any improve in meals awareness helps.

Rely Calories

While not 100% essential to reduce weight, counting energy is certainly efficient for many individuals. I like to think about calorie counting as a way to an end. As time goes on you need to be shifting increasingly in the direction of intuitive eating.

The straightforward act of counting energy raises your mindfulness around meals. It additionally includes a type of journaling, and as you just learn, it will probably improve your possibilities at losing a few pounds. Should you aren’t positive how much you ought to be eating I might take a look at my calorie calculator.

Control Portion Sizes

I’m an enormous fan of portion control for dropping pounds. It’s a behavioral behavior that keeps you in tune with your personal physique’s instinct. Here’s what I like to recommend…

  • a portion of protein the dimensions of your palm
  • a portion of starch the dimensions of your fist
  • a portion of fruit the dimensions of your fist
  • a portion of veggies the dimensions of your fist

If nearly all of your meals seem like that you simply’re going to do exceptionally properly in your weight reduction journey. That is a part of the method for reducing weight with out counting calories.

Don’t Eating regimen

The perfect “diet” is the one that you simply take pleasure in, might be in step with, and may adhere to for the long term. As soon as you find that, it’s not a weight loss plan – it’s just a way of life.

Among the best wholesome weight reduction ideas individuals sent in was to strategy weight loss as a life-style change, and not as a weight-reduction plan. When you get it out of your head that there’s an finish date, you can start specializing in the day-to-day realities of dwelling a wholesome way of life. Being fit just isn’t a destination – it’s a lifestyle.

Be Constant

I all the time say that consistency and adherence are the two most essential elements of any change process. Without either of them you will never get in the mandatory repetitions to construct habits, nor will you keep on with the plan lengthy sufficient to expertise transformation.

Nobody is perfect. We are all going to make errors. But profitable individuals eat wholesome 80-90% of the time, and they’re exercising a number of occasions every week – every week.


The previous saying – “a goal without a plan is just a wish”, applies right here. Eager to shed weight or eager to eat more healthy is actually just a wish until you could have a strong plan hooked up to it.

Meaning getting in the routine of planning your meals prematurely and not winging it everyday or meal to meal. It also means planning out your workout schedule so you’ll be able to mentally put together on your train.

Make Small Modifications

Make small modifications persistently until they’re behavior and you not have to think about it, and then make one other change. There’s no have to utterly change your way of life abruptly. You’ll be more likely to stick together with your new wholesome way of life in the event you make small modifications.

Attempt altering one thing at a time. A life-style change isn’t an on/off change – it’s a transition. Listed here are 10 wholesome habits to get you started.

Educate Your self

Study the whys behind your actions. Don’t simply do one thing because someone stated to or as a result of it worked for them. There’s a cause why it worked for them.

Many people simply need a meal plan or blueprint to comply with for weight reduction. Nevertheless, the successful those that lost weight and stored it off long run began taking an interest in how vitamin and train impacted their bodies. They keep humble, all the time hold an open thoughts, and know that well being and health is a lifelong studying course of.

Get Lively

Almost everybody who misplaced over 50 kilos added in some type of physical activity. Even when it was just a bit bit, the truth that they have been more lively helped them lose the load.

The trick is to seek out an activity you take pleasure in. Do it because you like it – not because it’d provide a attainable consequence. Then discover ways to push your self out of your comfort zone.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You’re going to mess up. All of us do. But successful individuals don’t beat themselves up over it. They don’t overcompensate for the disasters both.

They get right again on monitor with their subsequent healthy determination. Their wholesome way of life and weight reduction continues to move ahead and make progress as a result of they allow themselves to make errors, study from them, and then find yourself stronger consequently.

Surround Yourself With Constructive People

We’re extremely influenced by the individuals close to us. Many successful individuals had to transfer ahead with their lives and depart previous buddies and life behind. It was a tough choice to make, but they understood how essential it was to encompass themselves with people who believed of their goals.


How do you anticipate to accomplish your objectives for those who by no means start making an attempt to realize them? Starting is half the problem. Don’t be afraid of failure.

It’s very easy to get evaluation paralysis, but the only real approach to study is thru action. People who lost over 50 kilos stopped waiting for issues to occur, and went out and made issues occur.

Ready. Hearth. Goal. Do it in that order.

Stop Making Excuses

Profitable individuals made the shift and realized that the reasons for why they weren’t reaching their weight loss objectives have been truly just excuses. It was a hard concept to simply accept, however once they have been trustworthy with themselves, they spent less time making excuses, and extra time finding methods to perform their objectives.

The thought is empowering because taking duty for where you’re means you’ve gotten the facility to vary it. There’s all the time going to be a cause issues are troublesome. It’s as much as you if it’s going to hold you back.

Do It For Yourself

Make ME #1. Shed some pounds for Me, not due to strain from other individuals or society. We all have our personal causes for eager to shed weight, but a standard denominator among the many wholesome weight loss ideas despatched in was that the profitable individuals undertook their new way of life because they needed to.

They weren’t pressured into weight loss by buddies or household. They did it for themselves, and in consequence, they inspired others to do something for themselves too. Even higher, because they put themselves first and took care of their wellbeing, they have been better capable of serve others.

Be Patient

You didn’t achieve your weight overnight, and also you aren’t going to lose it that approach either. We all want the load gone shortly, however once you understand that weight reduction is a course of, you’ll be able to stop beating your self up for not reaching your far-fetched weight loss objectives.

Stop taking a look at weight loss as a daily problem. This can be a lifetime dedication to altering. Set real looking expectations for a way long it ought to take to drop pounds so that you simply aren’t disillusioned once you fall behind your lofty tempo.

Keep Constructive

Destructive ideas result in damaging actions and results. You’re the results of what you assume. Retaining a constructive mindset in your weight loss journey will increase the chances of your success.

You’ll study rather a lot about yourself during your way of life transition. There will probably be many challenges and difficulties, nevertheless it’s essential to know that despite the fact that it won’t be straightforward, it is going to be value it.

Uncover Your Relationship With Food

Why are you making unhealthy decisions when you realize it gained’t enable you to reach your objectives? Make the connection between your eating habits and your emotions. Get to the basis of your adverse way of life decisions. Know when your physique needs meals and when it needs food, and discover new ways to reward yourself aside from with meals.

I wish to have individuals ask “am I hungry” earlier than they eat. If the answer is sure then eat slowly, mindfully, and stop at 80% full. If the answer is not any, then comply with that query up with one other question – “I’m not hungry, so what am I seeking in food? What need is this food fulfilling?”

Don’t Attempt to Be Good

Perfection is the load loser’s enemy. It’s never attainable to realize, so you’ll all the time be falling in need of your objectives. That’s a horrible mindset to cultivate.

No one is ideal. Even the individuals who seem to have it all collectively mess up. The secret is to seek out that completely happy medium – the place that keeps you glad, engaged with the journey, and making small progress over an extended time period.

Never Give Up

Weight loss occurs the moment you don’t surrender. Many people don’t understand how shut they are to attaining success. There comes a time when issues just click on, however that doesn’t happen till you’re able to throw within the towel and call it quits.

I continually remind people who the wrestle is a traditional part of the change process. You can’t change with out it. The most important leaps in progress happen if you persist by means of that wrestle and come out the other aspect having discovered something about yourself.

I had plenty of fun writing this article. There have been so many useful weight loss ideas sent in from first-hand experiences. The various private weight loss journeys have been inspirational to learn.

Again, thank you to all who contributed. This really was a group effort. Make sure you take a look at the remainder of the ideas that have been posted on Fb here and right here, and if in case you have one other tip that isn’t listed above, please take a moment and share your tip in the remark part under!

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