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3 Things Modern Women Want From Men

One quiet night with my former girlfriend Justine, I asked what I assumed can be a simple question: “What can I do better in our relationship?”

Whereas we had built our relationship on speaking the truth, and I was anticipating one thing enjoyable or flirty corresponding to “Flowers, please,” “Take me out more,” or “You could take off my clothes right now.” As an alternative, she looked at me immediately and stated, “I don’t like the way you kiss.”

I lost my breath and my head started to spin. Since I was a instructor of relationships, I had prided myself on my sexual experience. Particularly, I thought-about myself a superb kisser. The truth that she didn’t even like my kissing expertise ripped my coronary heart from my chest and devastated my ego.

One way or the other, by way of my overwhelm, I noticed I had three decisions in that moment:

(1) Disconnect
(2) Rise up on my high horse and punish her for her fact (“You’re crazy, every other woman has liked my kissing—what’s wrong with you?”)
(3) Get curious

I selected door number 3.

“Okay,” I stated as evenly as I might muster. “What don’t you like about it? What can I do better?”

Her face, which had been neutral, turned to a deep smile and she or he moved nearer to me on our bed. Then she seemed into my eyes to ensure my request for more info was honest. She informed me later that no man had ever acquired her speaking her uncooked fact, and she or he was stunned. She was used to fragile male egos, which would have blocked her.

She took my face in her palms together with her heat fingers, angled my head barely, and leaned in close. I might odor the clear scent of her pores and skin and breath as her lips got here in mild contact with mine. I responded by opening my mouth. She paused for a moment, stated quietly, “Now, go slower … yes … a little less tongue … push your lips into mine and tease my tongue into your mouth … uh … yes.”

This pivotal second taught me a number of helpful classes about ladies. First, they normally do not really feel sufficiently protected to tell males the reality. Second, I witnessed myself responding to a fact I didn’t like. Initially, I started to build up my defenses and accusations to protect my ego—from what? The very fact my girlfriend didn’t like the best way I kissed? No, from the revelation that my self-image as a quintessential lover wasn’t accurate. I didn’t need to confront my own feelings of inadequacy. Lastly, I discovered that, if I listened deeply, then I might study one thing and finally my life would enhance. My willingness to pay attention improved my sex life dramatically.

Via my years of educating, and my very own experiences with ex-girlfriends like Justine and my spouse, Morgan, I’ve discovered a couple of issues about what ladies actually need and wish from males.

#1 | Kindness

Once I asked my instructor for the key to a strong relationship, he stated merely, “Be nice.” Once I attempted to get extra particulars, he really helpful I not complicate issues; just understand that once we deal with individuals nicely, they have a tendency to stay with us. “Being nice is telling the truth without anger,” he stated.

My personal commitment in my relationships is to speak the reality within the moment of disconnection with the least quantity of charge. This course of could be typically logistically troublesome, emotionally difficult, or downright scary. Nevertheless, whenever you delay talking your fact, the ache can easily improve and the chasm of disconnection increase exponentially over time. My selection is to confront a problem as quickly as potential. Right here is an example of pristine communication round a charged second between Morgan and myself.

Me: Can we cease for a second? If you stated you don’t care, I felt invalidated and unimportant. I used to be stunned by it.

Her: Oh, I’m sorry. I can understand how my phrases might have you really feel.

Me: Thank you, I respect that. Thanks for apologizing. Would you let me know what your motivation was for saying you don’t care?

Her: I truly meant I didn’t care if we went to that particular restaurant. I do care about going with you, but just not the situation!

Me: Acquired it. I totally misheard that. Thank you for clearing it up.

Her: I actually respect you asking for clarification.

Me: My pleasure.

The outcome: Going from disconnection to connection in lower than 20 seconds.

As an alternative of holding onto the influence of the miscommunication, I took the extra step to keep things clear. I had the option of imbuing my first remark with my very own litany of pain and baggage. I might have conflated every time a lady had stated one thing that had me really feel shame and brought all these ghosts into this communication. Nevertheless it’s my duty to talk my fact within the moment with out lumping her in with previous wounds.

Being sort doesn’t mean your boundaries get trampled. If somebody has a disconnection with you and they are chatting with you with anger, I might advocate using a press release similar to: “I completely want to understand your experience, but I cannot hear you right now. Would you be willing to be still for a couple of moments so the anger can settle? Then we can start again.”

Nevertheless, kindness does imply to be prepared to put your personal agenda aside for a moment so as to join with the other individual. It means being aware of each aspect of your communication to make sure you are speaking with readability. Being type additionally means selecting connection over being right. We spend loads of time and power making certain we land on prime in most situations. The skilled communicator is prepared to let go of his need or standing with a purpose to be sure that the opposite individual feels heard and regarded. It means putting your ego aside in service to connection.

#2 | Presence

One night time, Morgan and I have been discussing some challenges she was having with the youngsters. I listened intently and, when she was finished, I began to provide her some feedback: what I had observed and what I assumed she should do. While I was speaking, her face constricted into a slight frown. I ended instantly.

Me: Is there something improper?

Her: I actually just needed you to validate my feelings.

Me: Oops, my masculine obtained in the best way there. I apologize. Pause! Rewind! Let me attempt that once more!

I’ve discovered the primary thing ladies want from men is presence. This buzzword has been mentioned by many self-development academics, for good purpose. Women need a man who can stand on his personal two ft, feel into his physique, and keep centered. My definition of presence is just an indication of a person’s strong belief in who he is and how he exhibits up: obtainable, conscious, acutely aware.

A lady needs a container the place she will really feel protected to precise herself absolutely, and a person’s presence offers this for her. She needs to have the ability to emote her emotions, describe her sexual wishes, converse her inspirations. As instructor David Deida puts it: “When a woman gets emotionally intense, a mediocre man wants to calm her down and discuss it, or leave and come back later when she is ‘sane.’ A superior man penetrates her mood with imperturbable love and unwavering consciousness.”

The pathway to imperturbable love is through building your personal confidence and having your personal form of self-validation. If your sanity rests within the lady, then your presence will waver together with her ups and downs, making it troublesome to hold your middle.

It is very important make one distinction: You are not liable for your associate’s emotions. We frequently make statements like “You hurt my feelings” or “Stop making me feel bad.” These are misleading, as we’re all the time 100 % answerable for our own emotions. We will select how we reply to another person’s conduct. When you’re current with a lady, you can begin to note the difference between the stimuli you provide and her response to that stimuli, while specializing in making extra deliberate communications. That is referred to as retaining your aspect of the street clear.

#3 | Curiosity

We are instilled with a natural sense of curiosity. Once we have been young, the world was new and we examined every facet of it. We might touch things, put objects into our mouths, and get into as much mischief as we might out of innocent curiosity. As we grow old, we either proceed being curious or start to disassociate from this human attribute.

Women love when a person is interested in them. They have a tendency to spend an inordinate period of time engaged on each their internal and outer selves. A person who notices and asks questions will immediately win points:

Is that a new purse?

Did you get a haircut?

How are you doing?

Morgan has described a past boyfriend who wouldn’t ever ask about her day. She requested several occasions that he just ask, but he replied that, after his difficult day, he was incapable of even asking a simple query.

Miscue! Women need quality attention. You may be positive I ask this day by day. I do this for my very own pleasure, but in addition as a result of I would like Morgan to understand how essential she is to me. It’s an instance of a win-win cycle.

Men and ladies perceive the world by means of our numerous experiences, biology, and life drive. Women need their numerous views and ideas to be—at a minimal—acquired by males. What they most need is so that you can take the time to hear and think about them. They’re less all in favour of you agreeing with them. They only need to be heard.

They do not need to be shamed or criticized for his or her viewpoints, which is a standard experience. In reality, they need to be rewarded for taking the danger of telling you their fact. It takes braveness for them. For those who apply curiosity with ladies in these moments, you’ll be able to keep away from a number of battle, and constructed plenty of belief.


In my expertise, kindness, presence, and curiosity type a foundation for a healthy relationship with a lady. In my subsequent article, we’ll get extra intimate and speak about easy methods to make a lady feel both protected and turned on.

Robert Kandell is a relationship coach, enterprise marketing consultant, and host of the Tuff Love podcast. This is excerpted from his e-book Unhidden: A E-book for Men and Those Confused by Them.