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A Quick and Easy Guide to Hot Tub Ozonators

A Quick and Easy Guide to Hot Tub Ozonators

Did somebody inform you to get an ozonator on your scorching tub? Likelihood is, if in case you have an previous scorching tub, you don’t have an ozonator. Nevertheless, when you have a reasonably new scorching tub, you in all probability have already got one.

Both method, it’s essential to study extra about what they do. Hot tub ozonators are a method you possibly can enhance the water high quality in your spa whereas on the similar time saving cash.

What’s a Hot Tub Ozonator?

Ozonators can scale back your dependency on chemical sanitizers making it simpler to keep correct water high quality in your spa.

NERD ALERT: It produces ozone by splitting oxygen molecules into two free oxygen atoms utilizing intense UV mild or with a corona discharge unit. When these freed oxygen atoms collide with oxygen atoms, the create ozone. This works to breakdown contaminants in water, leading to clearer, cleaner water.

Ozone is a pure sanitizer that kills micro organism and different contaminants in your scorching tub with out robust chemical compounds. Ozone can scale back many various compounds (like bodily fluids) in your scorching tub, together with:

  • cleaning soap
  • deodorant
  • hair spray
  • cologne
  • make-up
  • fragrance
  • physique lotion
  • hand cream
  • solar tan lotion
  • saliva and urine

When used together with your common sanitizer (like chlorine or bromine), ozone helps kill pathogenic micro organism, germs, and viruses. This leads to higher water high quality than with simply chlorine or bromine alone.

Ozone DiagramOzone Diagram

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It ought to scale back the quantities of chemical sanitizers you’ve got to use in your scorching tub’s water. This can prevent cash and good for anybody delicate to chemical sanitizers sometimes utilized in a spa.

Ozone frees up mixed chlorine and bromine, permitting them to be constantly reused. Ozone finally enhances the effectiveness of bromine Should you click on this hyperlink and make a purchase order, we earn a fee at no further value to you. and chlorine When you click on this hyperlink and make a purchase order, we earn a fee at no further value to you. and many pure various sanitizers.

Due to this, you’ll be able to scale back your bromine or chlorine use by as a lot as 60 – 90 %.

How Typically Ought to You Run The Ozonator?

Relying on bather load (the variety of individuals your scorching tub can maintain), you’ll want to run your ozonator anyplace from three hours throughout a 12-hour interval to 24 hours a day.

For greatest outcomes, chances are you’ll simply need to flip it on and depart it operating, particularly for those who use your scorching tub regularly.

Are Ozonators Environmentally Protected?

The quantity of ozone produced by a scorching tub ozonator In the event you click on this hyperlink and make a purchase order, we earn a fee at no further value to you. is insignificant to the traditional environment we stay in. When dissolved in water, ozone is extraordinarily protected. Extreme ozone shortly coverts again to oxygen.

The Execs & Cons of Ozone

Ozone not solely destroys microorganisms, but in addition breaks down dangerous chemical compounds, and causes complete dissolved solids to clump collectively for simpler removing by your filter cartridge. The outcome isn’t just cleaner & clearer water, but in addition water which feels smoother to the pores and skin.

NOTE: though ozone could be very efficient and protected in your scorching tub gear, it may well scale back the lifetime of the scorching tub cowl In the event you click on this hyperlink and make a purchase order, we earn a fee at no further value to you. underside vinyl.

Using a floating blanket supplies a particularly efficient barrier to shield your cowl, whereas additionally offering vital power financial savings! Floating blankets are cheap at round $30 on-line.

Deciding Between CD or UV

As talked about above, there are two several types of ozonators obtainable for decent tub use: CD (corona discharge) and UV ozonators. UV ozonators are waning in reputation due to their larger power utilization, particularly with new CD know-how elevating new requirements for longer life, effectiveness, and decrease prices. I like to recommend CD Ozonators for the next causes:

  • Longer life & greatest efficiency
  • Decrease working/power prices
  • Compact design matches most scorching tubs
  • No costly cartridges, chips or bulbs to substitute
  • Larger high quality

“I have found that by adding an ozonator to my hot tub, the amount of time I spend adjusting my water chemistry and adding chemicals has really decreased. I no longer feel the constant need to test my water. This makes owning our spa more enjoyable, and I feel peace of mind knowing that the water we are bathing in is clean.”

-Robert P.
Chillicothe, Illinois

How to Set up an Ozonator in Your Hot Tub

Whereas I’ll consider anybody can do that themselves, I like to recommend calling for skilled set up because you’re coping with water and electrical energy.

Getting ready Your Hot Tub

Virtually all newer scorching tubs are ozone-ready, and including or changing an ozonator could be very easy! Right here is how to put together:

  • Confirm that your scorching tub will settle for an ozonator by consulting your proprietor’s guide. If there’s room and an influence hook-up for an ozonator, it’s often a go!
  • Decide the voltage, 120v or 240v.
  • Verify electrical system: timer set; system GFCI protected.
  • Verify for and repair all leaks in plumbing.
  • Examine filters: clear if crucial.
  • For greatest outcomes, drain water and fill with recent. It’s simpler for the ozonator to keep purity with a recent begin.
  • Stability water chemistry and use a sanitizing system. Ozone reduces the quantity of chemical compounds wanted and improves water high quality, however won’t substitute your sanitizer.
  • Confirm the plug sort you will have to join the ozonator to your scorching tub’s management pack.

Ozone-ready scorching tubs often have a small ozone jet close to the underside. This jet may have a water port, and an air (ozone) port. When no ozonator is current, the jet acts as a water jet solely.

A clear 1/four″ I.D. air suction tube from this jet, with the top capped-off, will typically be hanging within the gear bay, if no ozonator has been put in.

1. Mount the Ozonator

First, you want to set up the ozonator underneath the spa cupboard or close to the recent tub relying upon your tub and your setup. Examine to make sure that the airflow across the ozonator is robust and be certain you mount it firmly.

2. Set up The Verify Valve and Join it to Your Spa

Most scorching tubs at present have a tiny jet close to the underside of the spa designed particularly for an ozonator, making them very straightforward to set up. In different instances, you’ll have somewhat plumbing work forward of you. Seek the advice of your scorching tub guide earlier than you proceed.

Find the ozone suction connection as illustrated (2). That is sometimes 1/four″ I.D. x three/eight″ O.D. vinyl air tubing. On this case, the tubing has a cap, which is snipped off to accommodate the one-way examine valve included within the ozonator package.

NOTE: The examine valve is designed to forestall water back-flow from ruining your ozonator. After you join your ozonator to your scorching tub, reduce the tubing at round six inches and set up the examine valve. Keep in mind, you need air to have the opportunity to journey from the ozonator to the spa, however water wants to be stopped earlier than it reaches the ozonator.

Connect the ozone examine valve to one finish of the vinyl tubing provided together with your ozonator package. The opposite finish of the verify valve attaches to the recent tub’s suction tubing

The air (ozone) movement path is away from the ozonator and towards the recent tub. The valve could also be marked as to path. If not marked, you possibly can decide the move course by blowing into one finish of the valve. Putting in the verify valve backward will forestall performance, so that is necessary.

three. Create a Hartford Loop

That is one other fault prevention technique that’s straightforward to do. You create a Hartford Loop by looping the ozone tubing up as excessive as you possibly can. You then join it to the ozonator.

On this setup, the loop wants to go above the water line to be efficient. It will forestall water from getting into the ozonator.

four. Wiring It Up

This one is actually up to you. You’ll be able to simply plug the ozonator right into a wall outlet and you’re completed. Nevertheless, you can even onerous wire it to your system so it activates and off once you energy on the primary breaker on your scorching tub.

It’s up to you. Nevertheless, in case you aren’t too positive about electrical wiring, name an electrician or spa installer as accidents with water and electrical energy might be deadly.

5. Set the Timers

Now that every little thing is related, it’s time to set the timers in your ozonator and scorching tub so the system activates and off routinely with out you having to fear about it. You might have to experiment with the run occasions of your ozonator based mostly in your water high quality and bather load, however start with three hours and then improve it as wanted.

Hot Tub Ozonator Upkeep

There are three major steps to common ozonator upkeep:

1. Make Positive It Is Producing Ozone

The very first thing you want to do is ensure that the system is producing ozone. You need to use ozone check kits for this activity. These exams will allow you to decide if the correct quantity of ozone is being created in your spa.

2. Verify the Ozone Supply System

Typically, the supply system, and particularly the ozone injector can fail. When this occurs, it gained’t matter how a lot ozone you generate it should by no means make it into your scorching tub as a result of the injector isn’t working. Examine this primary in case your ozone ranges are low earlier than you substitute the system.

three. Examine the Examine Valve

The verify valve prevents injury to your ozonator by stopping scorching tub again movement into your ozonator. Useless to say it’s a fairly essential a part of the system. If this valve begins to leak or fails utterly, your scorching tub might shortly destroy your ozonator. Examine this valve as a part of your common upkeep so you possibly can cease a leak earlier than it begins.

Ozonator Alternative

Sometimes, most ozonators final about three years earlier than needing alternative. In some instances, you should change the bulb that generates the ultraviolet mild earlier than the system itself wants a full alternative. How will you already know that the time has come for a brand new ozonator? Verify your water high quality. Utilizing Ozone check kits may help you determine issues together with your ozonator and decide if the time has come to get a brand new one.

Hot tub ozonators are nice instruments to make it easier to keep crystal clear water that’s clear and prepared to be loved by your folks and household. Nevertheless, many scorching tub house owners don’t use them just because they don’t know something about them.

This fast and straightforward information ought to offer you primary understanding you want to think about an ozonator in your spa this season. Keep in mind, it could possibly assist keep your water and scale back your working prices within the course of. So why not harness the facility of ozone in your spa? I consider you may be glad you probably did.

Joyful Soaking!

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