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    Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University who is Cherokee/Choctaw has been researching the Star Individuals, and accumulating encounters between them and Native Indians for a few years. This text shares one of many.

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    Are we alone? If not, what are the implications when the public turns into absolutely conscious of this? How will it change the best way we take a look at actuality? Science? Know-how? History?

I just lately came across the work of Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, who brings to the sector of ufology degrees in history, English, psychology, and educational leadership and a background as a instructor, university professor, junior school and college administrator, licensed therapist and psychologist, and social science researcher. She is a Professor Emeritus at Montana State College and  former Director of the Middle for Bilingual/Multicultural Schooling. Dr. Clarke, who is Cherokee/Choctaw, has labored with indigenous individuals for most of her profession, and has some superb stories to tell.

Right here is a superb quote firstly of her ebook, Encounters With Star Individuals, Untold Tales of American Indians.

I first discovered concerning the “Star People” when my grandmother informed me the ancient legends of my individuals. My childhood actuality included narratives that traced the origins of the indigenous individuals of the Americas to Pleiades; stories of little people who intervened in individuals’s lives; and legends concerning the magical present of the DNA of the “Star People” that flowed in the veins of the indigenous tribes of the Earth. I embraced the stories of the celestial guests who lived among the Indian individuals as half of my heritage.

In her ebook, she shares many stories, and one of them comes from a gentleman named Harrison. She writes:

Situated in the states of North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, the Northern Plains Indian Tribes have many accounts about UFOs. The story in this chapter is advised by a well-respected elder of a Northern Plains tribe. His encounter predates the crash at Roswell. Since I recorded this story, Harrison has passed, but the time I spent with them through the years, changed my life.

Harrison advised a story of how his grandfather took him on a spaceship in the summer of 1945. He stated he was 12 at the time, and defined how the Military Corps of Engineers got here to the reservation across the summer time of 1947 to survey the river and surrounding space “for the reservoir.” So originally, there was no reservoir. The Corps confiscated the land and in return gave Harrison’s grandfather a nugatory piece of land on the other aspect of that butte.

I spent every summer time on his place from the time I used to be six years previous. Mother and pop each worked for the tribe they usually didn’t need me house alone in the course of the summers. So each Might I packed two paper luggage: one with a change of garments and the opposite with books, marbles, and my toy gun. My people dropped me off to stay with Gramps from June to late August. I liked my summers right here, even the isolation. I was the one baby for miles. I rode horses and herded cattle. Helped with the chores. No matter I might do. As I obtained older, there have been greater chores and more duty. There was no TV or videos like youngsters have as we speak. At night time Gramps amused me with the traditional myths and legends of our individuals.

Clarke’s relationship with Harrison grew over the years, and the two of them met when his faculty district requested her help in applying for a federal grant. Harrison was her contact and was liable for escorting her across the reservation.

She explains, “It took nearly 25 years of visits before Harrison asked me if I believed in Star People.” She replied with a yes, and then he stated, “Someone told me you collect stories about the Star People, I find that unusual.”

She replied,

I’ve been accumulating tales for a couple of years. I grew up hearing the ancient stories of the Star Individuals from my grandmother. All over the place I’m going, if I’m among indigenous individuals, I ask them about their tales of UFOs and Star Individuals. Perhaps sometime I’ll write a guide. I’ve heard some superb accounts from American Indians.

Harrison then provided to take her to her Grandfathers place, where he shared an unimaginable story that passed off on his Grandfather’s ranch before the Army Corps of Engineers turned concerned.

He advised a narrative his grandfather advised him a few spaceship that crashed on the property. Harrison stated:

I noticed the ship, I went aboard it. It was an extended cylinder about 30 ft broad and 60 ft lengthy. I measured it by pacing it off. Most of it stuck inside a butte, close to the water degree. It was nicely camouflaged. You’ll be able to’t see the butte now, it was coated by water when the Corps of Engineers flooded the valley creating the reservoir.”

He goes on to elucidate:

The crash shook the bottom so exhausting that Gramps thought the house was going to collapse. You possibly can still see a crack in the foundation of the log cabin that Gramps stated occurred when the spaceship crashed. The horses have been so frightened that it took a month to round them up, and even then they have been continually making an attempt to escape. At first, Gramps thought it was an earthquake, however when he cleared, he saw the craft. It hit with such drive that only a small part stuck out of the butte, however Gramps not only had a keen eye, he knew this land just like the again of his hand. The smallest disturbance caught his consideration. For the longest time he sat on the butte waiting for any sign of life. He stored a vigil for days. Lastly after every week or so, he ventured to the place of impression.”

His grandfather advised him that the “star men” who crashed and survived there lived of their craft for about 5 months earlier than another ship came and rescued them.

At the time of the crash, the closest ranch to our place was 10 miles away, and as fate would have it these neighbours had moved out of state days before the crash occurred. Gramps delighted in maintaining the star men’s presence a secret.

Harrison explained that the primary time his grandfather approached them, he did so by taking them an offering of meals. They informed him they do not eat flesh. He described them as taller than people, at the least 7-Eight ft tall and very white. Harrison stated:

He described them as being so white that you can virtually see inside them. I’m unsure what he meant by that besides he stated their pores and skin was skinny. That they had lengthy slender fingers, for much longer than humans. Their hair was white. When the solar shined on it, Gramps stated it appeared like a halo surrounded their heads. He stated that typically they appeared like the angels depicted within the work of his bible, except they didn’t wear gowns. Their eyes, too. He stated they changed shade depending on the sunshine.

Moreover, Harrison’s grandfather described to him what they wore:

He was notably serious about their clothes. They wore a one-piece mild green outfit. He advised me there have been occasions he noticed them wading in the river, and when he approached them their suits have been dry. He informed me he wished he had a go well with like that. Once I assume of the previous man and the way he seen the star visitors, he did his greatest to describe what he saw. I’m positive if the identical thing occurred at this time, the observers may supply a more refined perspective.

Harrison went on to elucidate that there were fourteen of them, and how his “Gramps” wasn’t positive if all survived the crash. Harrison says that when he arrived in the summertime, after the visitors had left, he went on board the craft and there have been seventeen seats.

So far as why they have been here, Harrison stated:

“Gramps said that he often saw the Star People picking up rocks and plants. At first, when they saw him, they vanished before his eyes. He never discovered an explanation for that, but he wished that he had that power,” Harrison laughed. “Gramps thought that was the ultimate trait-simply to vanish in thin air when you wanted. I can’t imagine how he planned to use it. As time passed, Gramps said the star men realized he meant no harm and they didn’t disappear when he approached. Overtime, it became clear to him that they were concerned about their craft. They did not want it discovered.”

His grandfather informed him that the beings lived there from late November until April. Based on him, one other spaceship appeared on April 17th, 1945 and he never noticed them once more.

He knew they have been waiting for a rescue craft, so he anticipated it. He informed me their spaceship was one of 4 exploring the Earth. That they had been dropped off by a much bigger ship that was circling Earth. The large ship would return for them however not for some time. They only had to wait. They were not afraid they might be discovered, they might make themselves invisible, however they might not do the identical with their spaceship.

He stated that his grandfather witnessed the pick-up.

He watched as they prepared to go away. Each of the stranded star travellers came to him and bowed earlier than they left. He understood they appreciated his discretion.

As far as why they have been here:

Gramps stated they have been voyagers and traveled the universe observing life on other worlds. That they had been coming to Earth for hundreds of years observing, accumulating and noting modifications. At some point, they took him aboard their craft and showed him footage from their house. As he described it, I think it was some type of a TV or pc, but in my grandfather’s day there was no such factor, so he was enthralled by what he referred to as “a picture machine.” He talked about flashing footage that confirmed a place totally different from Earth. It reminded him of the Dangerous-lands, however with no vegetation. Their homes have been underground. He asked them if it was Heaven, they usually advised him they didn’t have a spot resembling heaven. He was fascinated by the image machine and went again a number of occasions to view the photographs. Apparently, the star guests informed him they appreciated the green of Earth, they usually thought the Pink Willow that grew alongside the banks of the river was fairly lovely in April. They liked the water. On their world, water was underground: nothing on the floor. My grandfather regularly collected geodes for them. They have been amazed when he broke them open to reveal the crystallized cities inside. They have been apparently happy to add them to their collection. Gramps also taught them the medicinal makes use of of the purple willow and the way to propagate it from a small sample.

So far as the craft goes, it was left there, it it was nicely camouflaged to the purpose that no one would actually be capable of recognize it with the bare eye until they knew particularly what they have been in search of. When he went inside the craft (Harrison), he explained that once you sat in a chair, it “melted” around him, as if it was alive. It enveloped the physique like a heat hug, and then released you whenever you needed to rise up. The craft also had what seemed to be hieroglyphics.

Ultimately, the Military Corps of Engineers came and constructed their dam, which flooded the world the place the craft was. He suspects they took the craft.

The Takeaway

Tales like these are fascinating to say the least, especially for many who are already conscious of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon and the growing amount of credibility the sector is receiving. It adds a lot more credibility to these tales, but I’m not making an attempt to show something right here, simply simply sharing a narrative from a in fascinating supply.

Richard Wagamese is called one of Canada’s foremost authors and storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. He’s one of few indigenous students left on the planet right now which have taken an lively effort in retracing their roots and preserving their heritage and stories, which have been passed down era after era by means of oral traditions.

Based on Wagamese,

“My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star People brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was a loneliness like no other.” (source)

Scholars have estimated that, previous to the ‘discovery’ of the Americas by Europeans, the pre-contact period population might have been as high as 100 million individuals. American anthropologist and ethnohistorian Henry F. Dobyns, most recognized for his revealed analysis on American Indians and Hispanic peoples in Latin and North America, estimated that multiple hundred and twelve million individuals inhabited the Americas previous to European arrival. He estimated that ten million alone inhabited an space north of the Rio Grande earlier than European contact. In 1983, he revised that quantity to upwards of eighteen million. (source)(supply)(source)

The loss of information got here in consequence of an enormous genocide, a time that was foretold in indigenous prophecy.

There have been wounds of injustice, of oppression, of colonization, of greed, of superstition, all these issues which injure the human coronary heart. At the similar time there’s been no approach for this to be expressed, it’s been held inside. So this ancestral wound is this wound that’s been carried on from era to era to era, this intergenerational trauma. However it was also prophesied  and promised that after a period of 500 years that an excellent, nice religious spring time would emerge with such power and such depth that each one that had been coated in the cold bitter snow can be revealed and cleansed and purified. And that we might emerge galvanized, reunited as not solely the reunion of the Condor and Eagle, however a reunion of the whole human family. This time is now. (source)

We live in a special time, a time of mass awakening to varied truths about our planet in addition to the character of actuality. One of those truths is the fact that we aren’t alone, and that we’ve by no means been alone. These tales of visitors from other worlds are within the literature of indigenous cultures as well as numerous other cultures around the globe like the Vedas, for instance.

The belief that we aren’t alone, and by no means have been alone has large implications for our planet.

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