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[Interviews] Shinshi Okajima ’s GIRL ’S NEWSING Vol. 2: “I'm Drawn to the Things Girls My Age are Making” – I wanna be … | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news


Okajima Gentleman's GIRL'S NEWSING Consideration in making the second ZINE “I'm really attracted to what the girl of the same generation makes” Aiwanavi

Shinshi Okajima ’s GIRL ’S NEWSING Vol. 2: “I ’m Drawn to the Things Girls My Age are Making” – I wanna be ...

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GIRL'S NEWS is a collection which can introduce noteworthy GIRLS, no matter the genre, working as actresses, models, artists, idols, gravure fashions, and so forth. In this second quantity, I'm sitting down with an … Magister Negi Magi “as Konoka Konoe, alongiside ex-Nogizaka46 Rina Ikoma. I wanna be … produces her personal, self-directed zines (booklets fused with self-penned writings, footage, and photographs). Her zines particularly, which she's been enjoying since she was an idol her, are so conceptual that you would assume they have been the personal work of an idol. Every one provides off a constant feel for design, and writing, displaying her clearly character in the idol scene.
On this volume, I requested I wanna be … about zines, how they're made and what makes them fascinating, in addition to about her participation in E TICKET PRODUCTION 'S second mini album, “E TICKET RAP SHOW 2”, plus extra.
A collection undertaking “GIRL'S NEWSING” during which Okajima gentleman, a writer who presides over women culture media “VIDEHTHINK”, introduces “GIRLS” which ought to be watched now regardless of style, corresponding to actress, model, artist, idol, gravure …. In the second, Aiwanabi, who’s starring in the position of Konae Konouki, seems on the stage “The Magical Instructor Negima! She produces ZINE (a booklet manufactured from her own texts, footage, pictures, and so on.) in her personal course. ZINE has been working since the idol period, it is so conceptual that I do not assume it’s an idol private path. It has a constant sense of design, pictures and text, and has given off a sure character in the idol scene.
This time, I talked about the creation of ZINE and its attractiveness, and the incontrovertible fact that I participated in E TICKET PRODUCT's 2nd mini-album “E TICKET RAP SHOW 2” primarily on the story about that ZINE.

She likes that zines give her the freedom to do no matter she likes
ZINE likes “a free place no matter what”

– Might you inform me the way you first acquired into the entertainment business?
– Can you inform me how you began performing leisure actions?

Man's Nagahara and Airi Kudo from SEBASTIAN X (a four-member band with out guitars) have been producing it, so I applied. I'd been doing ballet for I have entered the business when I was an audition for an idol group referred to as Summer time Rocket. 10 years, and I like dancing rather a lot in addition to doing track choreography. Nevertheless, I wasn't excellent at singing so I have to work actually onerous! I graduated from the group in March, 2018. a few yr and eight months. I discovered so much.
The reason is that I acquired an audition of an idol group referred to as Summer time Rocket in Might 2016. I utilized for that SEGASTIAN X (four-piece guitarless band) Manatsu Nagahara and Aori Kudo produce all. I have been in ballet for 10 years, so I really like dancing and I appreciated the time for choreographing. But I was not good at singing and I struggled lots!
Since I graduated in March 2018, the activity period is about one yr and eight months. I assume that I have been in a position to research numerous issues and have an excellent experience.

Properly, earlier than that, in accordance to your rationalization of zines … All right, so let me ask you about zine-making.
-Principally they're one thing made by individuals that include photographs, illustrations, and writings, and so forth.
There are zines that are simply copied and stapled along with a stapler. There's no set edition sort or look.
-Merely put, they're independently produced magazines, however there's no clear distinction between zines, doujinshi, minikomi (mini comics), and little presses (mild publishings), so the definition seems some ambients.
・ Apparently they first originated from the U.S. in the 1950s and 60s. Since round 2015, they veve been widespread artistic women.
The truth is, aren't they fashionable amongst round you?
– Now let's ask about making ZINE. And earlier than that, let's speak about ZINE,
・ Principally created by individuals and composed of pictures, illustrations, texts, and so on.
-Plate sort, free look. Some individuals just copy and staple the paper with a stapler
・ In a nutshell “a magazine produced independently”, but there isn’t a clear difference from “fame magazine”, “minicom”, “little press”, and the definition is obscure
・ It’s stated that America in the 1950s and 60s is the birthplace. It was well-liked amongst artistic women in Japan from around 2015
… that's right. In truth, is it widespread round Mr. Wanabi?

My buddies additionally make their very own zines. That's what obtained me into it in the first place!
I agree. My associates round are making ZINE. So I was interested!

– The place do you sell them?
– Where are they bought?

If we are talking about bodily places, I am promoting at N READING in Nagoya, and at Commune Press in Tokyo, and Keibunsha You’ll be able to promote them in Knickknack outlets, bookstores, online, and elsewhere … I like having the ability to promote them. When I noticed it, I thought it was one thing that I needed to do myself someday.
A grocery retailer, a guide select shop, or a mail order. I additionally like what I sell for self. If it is a real store, ON READING in Nagoya, commune Press in Tokyo, Ebunsha in Kyoto or Hojoho. ON READING has a shelf where solely ZINE is placed. Seeing that, I thought, “I want to make it someday.”

– What attracted you to making them?
– Where have been you attracted to?

You possibly can embrace any footage you've taken, pictures taken by another person, writings, and so forth. Even those produced from handwritten papers copied at a convenience store and stapled collectively are still referred to as zines.
So I would carry around a digital camera every day in order to build my images expertise. Because I had various associates who have been creators, I would take footage of their stuff Each time I took an fascinating photograph, it wasn't enough for me to simply add it somewhere on SNS; I needed to print it on paper.
You are free to do something. You’ll be able to put anything you could have taken, pictures taken by someone, texts, and so on. You possibly can say ZINE even in case you simply copy a handwritten paper at a comfort retailer and cease it with a stapler.
Originally I thought, “I can not be the side where I can take pictures.” So I used to carry a digital camera each day to improve my images expertise. There were a variety of youngsters around doing artistic issues, so I searched for a location and took a photograph. I thought that I needed to print on paper when it was simply out of the field simply uploading it to the internet when the other appeared or when an fascinating photograph was taken.

Despite the fact that she ’s an idol, she ’s very a lot towards towards using my very own face as a canopy
I was an idol, however I completely didn't like to put my face on the cover.

– When did you make first start making zines?
– When did you first create ZINE?

It was around June 2017. The title was “I wanna be issue. 1”, and I asked Sorami Yanagi to do a photo shoot with a film digital camera. It was about 12 pages with no text. I'd solely made 30 copies, Individuals have been asked to make some more more, so I determined that subsequent time I'd spend more time making it. I thought that the subsequent time, I'd concentrate on the paper and the format.
It is about June of 2017. With the title “I wanna be issue. 1”, I shot it with a film to Mr. Hiromi Yanagi. It was something like 12P, without any text. Though only 30 copies have been made, it will soon be gone, because it was a pleasure to promote them at event sales. I acquired a voice saying “I want to make it again”, so I thought that I would really like to spend extra time making it this time. If you would like to make it subsequent, you need to stick to paper and format.

– Earlier than you stated that you simply by no means thought that you simply needed it to embrace your footage, however why was that?
– Just earlier than you stated, “I thought I couldn't be the one who can take photos for a long time,” but why is that?

I have much fatter than I am now! I most popular occupied with how to make the individuals in front of me look cute.
The visual as a subject was not merely accompanied. It was much fatter than now …. I appreciated to take into consideration how to take a look at the individuals in front of you should you appear to be it, and the way you look good.

– Did you achieve weight?
– Have been you fat?

I did some time the place I'd gained weight, if I showed an image of myself to a pal they'd say issues like, “You's like a monster here,” or, “Your face is different now.” I tried dieting, however I wasn't really in a position to lose a lot weight.
Initially I was all the time fat. In the event you present an image of your fat days to your folks, you will be advised “Monster Jan” or “Your face has changed”. Even earlier than that I had a challenge to weight-reduction plan, but I could not drop extra pounds.

When did you make have have in all probability written a e-book on weight-reduction plan. When did you make your second zine?
– That's nice. It might be bought if a weight loss plan e-book is put out. And what made the second guide?

It was referred to as “I wanna be issue. 2 kyoto” and it had 28 pages in all. I took photographs around my hometown of Kyoto, introducing café or gyoza shop suggestions, concert pictures and a diary, and I hung out looking for totally different copy I included in the night time pool event I attended in double leaf binding, cramming no matter I needed to into it. I sure it through the use of a stitching machine, however the size of thread used for each copy was totally different. I needed to do a lot more with it, but I had a price range to stick to, so I had to slender things down considerable. (laughs)
It is October of 2017. All 28 pages with the title “I wanna be issue. 2 kyoto”. Snap shot in the native Kyoto, introduce a cafe where you’ll be able to advocate Kyoto and outlets that can eat dumplings, stay capturing and diary, put a report of the night time pool in the swimsuit with a bag sure … and stuff that you want to do The I use a sewing machine to make a guide by hand, however all the thread lengths are totally different. In the price range, I also stuck to paper as much as potential. Search for a paper on which the pictures taken with the film are superbly colored. The duvet is in foil. What I need to do is minimize away! (Lol)

– Was there anything you paid special consideration to?
– Have you ever acquired anything?

I needed to make one thing distinctive. I needed to make something unique. I needed to make one thing distinctive. I needed to make something unique. I needed to make one thing distinctive. I needed to make one thing unique. As a result of the cover design was a soft-serve ice cream cone, I made the fortunate merchandise an ice cream spoon. Anyone who discovered a spoon in their copy gained a tea time with me for 15 minutes as a prize, however no one ended up profitable. (Laughs)
To be trustworthy, 'I've acquired the theme for I like the packaging and design. I bought them at a enterprise specialty store at Kappabashi' (a provide store situated in Tokyo's Taito Ward, with rows of varied utensils and dishes). re considerably troublesome to get hold of!
I assume that there are many people who make the cover a photograph of their very own face, however I completely dislike it. I'm an idol, however not as an idol, I made it as a result of I needed to make it “interesting because the idol makes it”. On the day of the sale, put a “spoon of disposable wood” and make so much. Successful individual says which you could make tea for 15 minutes. In any case, no one was hit (laughs)
I thought that wrapping paper and design have been good, I went to Kappabashi in Taito-ku and purchased it at a specialty store the place things for enterprise have been stored. Truly, it is rather troublesome to get it!

She ’s about what women are the similar age as her are making.
What the women of the similar era are making makes me actually curious.

– Why did the zine specifically function Kyoto?
– Why did you make it a function of Kyoto?

I made this title zine at my birthday occasion. I made the title of the occasion “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ~ Summer Rocket I wanna be … 's Birthday ~”, after The Beatles track. As a result of it was my birthday occasion, I determined The front and back of every ticket was made in the fashion of a film ticket and a report obi. As a result of I did not 'want want to included corporate, where my roots are. by the method, the event ticket was additionally designed beneath my course. I sang covers of PUFFY'S “Ai no Shirushi” and LovelySummer-Chan's “A nata wa Tobacco, Watashi wa Sha Bon” to feel like there was something I should have executed totally different after, I also invited some friends myself.
The first sale was my birthday event. It is the title that wrote the music “THE BEATLES” referred to as “ALL YOU NEED IS love-Summer Rocket Aiwanabi birth-“. Since it was a birth festival, I decided to take up my roots Kyoto. By the way, I also designed the ticket in my direction. There are two sides, motif of movie ticket and record band. I did not want to leave my regret, so I put out a guest plan from myself. PUFFY's “Seal of Love” and Pretty Summer time's “You're a cigarette” I cover Soap.

– What have been the causes behind this specific composition, design, and format?
– Why did you employ this configuration, design, or format?

I thought if I might make something better thought-about, I thought I might make one thing better thought-about, I thought I might make something out of the individuals I assume I might make something higher and never simply people who have been idol followers.
I assume that artwork course is basically necessary, so greater than the want to make a zine, it was a approach to assert myself by saying, I needed to say, “This is my real self!” I like doing these kinds of issues, and in that approach I can do this, too!
I came up with three totally different versions of this zine, I bought a t-shirt that I was the artistic director for. I needed to make something that didn't look idol-like, that women might casually wear anyplace without feeling embarrassed. I have so individuals who have been into the type of things. There was a trigger for having made it I have made it I have made it or not I when individuals are still sporting them.
I needed to go to the stay however I couldn't, I thought it’d be potential for me to do it, so I made positive to make one thing good in my finances. For those who assume that it is good as a factor, it won’t reach only individuals who like idols, it might be something that resonates with numerous individuals.
Real I am this! I needed to say Via issues. I assume the art path is so necessary that I like this stuff greater than I want to create ZINE, so I can do this! It’d be a way to categorical that.
Earlier than making this ZINE, I directed and bought T-shirts by myself. I don't really feel like an idol, I don't feel embarrassed anyplace I want to make one thing that women can put on simply. We devised three sorts. Then I acquired an order of about 200 pieces … I was stunned. I perceive that there are those that like this one … In case you have one is uncommon! I'm glad should you can wear it now, no matter whether or not Love Nabi made it.

Did you draw any influences you draw from when making your zines? – You have been in a position to expertise your reactions to the t-shirts.
– You felt the response together with your T-shirt. So are there any ZINEs or producers who have been influenced by ZINE?

There’s a one that has specific interest in draw I from the however I before I turned an idol I would take a look at the Instagrams of people attending Musabi (Musashino Artwork University) and Tamabi (Tamagawa Art University), and I would verify the SNS of people who I favored each day.
When I give it some thought, it's type of scary. I'm really sorry for a way I was again then! I really like the movies on Tanaka's Instagram.
I also like Yumiko Kikuchi's “LIARS”, SUEKKO LIONS '”FANCLUB”, and Ai Teramoto's “Collection”. I have a lot of different favorite zines.
I'm notably attracted to ones that include portraits or footage, and zines which have fascinating bindings, like these in ziplock luggage or that are coated in vinyl sparkly material and the like.
Maybe I haven't yet encountered the zine that speaks to me the most but. I buy zines without considering when I see them in outlets.
There isn’t any one who has been affected a lot, but earlier than turning into an idol, Instagram for many who have been to Musavi (Musashino Artwork College) or Tamabi (Tamagawa Artwork College) or SNS for many who assume it’s good I checked it.
Contact Yumi tanaka's ZINE on function and let me buy it. It’s scary for those who think twice (laughs)
I was sorry at that time! I additionally like the pictures on tanaka's Instagram.
I also like Kikuchi Yumiko's “LIARS”, SUEKKO LIONS's “Lovers magazine”, and Teramoto Ai's “collection”. There are many extra!
I am notably attracted to portraits and people who include pictures. The later bookbinding is fascinating. What comes in a ziplock-like bag, or one thing like a cover of a shiny plastic material. I typically find it at a retailer and purchase it at a quick tempo. Chances are you’ll not have encountered ZINE which you assume is the greatest among you.

– Going by what you ’ve introduced in at the moment, lots of them are made by ladies. Are you more inquisitive about what ladies make?
– In case you take a look at what you introduced in the present day, there are many things ladies are making. Are you typically attracted to what ladies make?

I assume so, yes. I also by zines made by males, however I'm more enthusiastic about those made by ladies. I actually care about what other women my age are making. Like, what sort of things are they serious about once they they take footage? I have a very robust curiosity in what other female creators my age are making.
I agree. I additionally purchase ZINEs made by males, but I nonetheless really feel engaging to those made by ladies. What the women of the similar era are making makes me actually curious. What kind of things are you taking in a photo, what sort of things are you eager about? I am strongly interested by women of the similar era creator.

– Talking of which, it wasn int an unbiased production, but in April, 2018 you released a brand new zine, proper?
– By the means, it isn’t an unbiased production, however another volume of ZINE was launched this April.

Out of 17 totally different footage, there are three randomly mounted pictures in every copy. Further are, there are randomly scattered papers detailing the manufacturing of this specific magazine. It was designer Shingo Sawai's concept, and it was like him to provide you with such an fascinating idea.
Yes, I participated as a mannequin in ZINE “i'M” created by IDOL MOMENTS. There were three sheets of mounts and 17 pictures at random. After that, we divide the one printed on paper with the trade of communication to understand the process of creating this ZINE, and put it for each product. That is the concept of ​​designer sawai shinngo, however I assume it's actually fascinating.

– What sort of zine would you like to make in the future?
-What kind of ZINE would you like to create in the future?

I really like Asami Usuda's photograph collection referred to as “Mitsuami”. Since my second zine was a bit of bit like a magazine, I assume it will be good to make one sort of resembling a I need to attempt creating photographs, too !! I'm unsure if there's a demand for that or not, although … I'd like to make as many zines as potential.
The one with footage and textual content is right. I really like the photograph assortment of Asami Usuda's “Mitsu Ami”. The second e-book, ZINE, is a bit like a magazine, so I assume I might make one thing like a photo ebook. I do not know if there is a demand … however I want to make many books in the future. I additionally want to make a picture! !

After stepping into rap, she tried writing her personal rap lyrics.
I turned fond of girls's laps and tried to make lyric as soon as.

– You participated in Summer time Rocket on the second mini album E TICKET RAP SHOW 2 (IDOL NEWSING) by E TICKET PRODUCTION launched on my label in April of this yr. It was your first time making an attempt your hand at rap, so tell me you you considered it.
– I have joined as a Summer time Rocket on my 2nd mini album “E TICKET RAP SHOW 2” (IDOL NEWSING) launched on April 2018 from my label. It was the first lap problem, please inform me your impressions.

I assume lots of people received to know our group at the time due to this undertaking. We sounded the brightest on the album, and we additionally shot a MV for it. I assume it was an enormous turning level for us. Doing the present was enjoyable, too. It made me recognize rap. first time singing lyrics from a male gaze, and it was very shiny, like a music that gave everybody a way of unity, which was very recent.
I assume there are many people who find out about us at that time in this challenge. It feels the brightest in the album, and I make MV properly. massive
Is it a turning level? As a track, it was the first time that it was a lyric from a male perspective, and it was so recent that it was a track that made it attainable for everyone to create a way of unity with the buzzard's Ageage. I additionally enjoyed enjoying stay. I actually like raps.

Contributor Needed !!

-Before you stated that as as rap artists go, you have been into JJJ, DJ Misoshiru to MC Gohan, and PSG.
– In the previous, in case you have been a rap artist, you talked about that you simply favored JJJ, MC Misa and MC Rice and PSG.

Lately I'm continually enjoying the “E TICKET RAP SHOW 2 album”, particularly Maiyume's “BEATS ME”, Mizuha's “Right Now !, and Fuurei's” FUN FOR FUN “. I love these songs so much, I play Hikaru Aoyama's “WONDERFUL WORLD” is so I pay attention to it while I work at night time. Nevertheless I also assume songs like “THEMES” which were embellished wtih voice tracks (voice representing the world) It made me actually thinking about female-fronted rapping.
I still like it. Just lately I have been enjoying “E TICKET RAP SHOW 2”. Maiyume's “BEATS ME”, Mizuharu's “Right Now”, Furei's “FUN FOR FUN”. I really like it and pay attention while cleaning in the daytime. Hikaru Aoyama's “WONDERFUL WORLD” is enjoyable and I pay attention while working in the center of the night time. I additionally thought that it might be nice if the music had a voice materials like “THEME” inscribed. I turned very focused on ladies's laps.

– Is there anything you need to attempt doing in the future?
– Do you want to do it in the future?

Sure! There’s plenty of cool sounding songs on this album, however there are additionally softer en nui-like songs by Aoyama that contrast with that, and because I like chill music, I'd like to challenge doing a rap with that I'm serious about writing lyrics and I've finished it as soon as earlier than. I was it whereas referring to a rhythmic diction-like website referred to as type of path. That's like to find out how to enunciate phrases and the way to rhyme. I'm focused on writing lyrics and I've completed it as soon as before. In-Word, nevertheless it was fairly troublesome. After that I had plenty of respect for rappers.
Sure! ! I assume this album has loads of cool songs, however Aoyama-san's songs are in contrast, unfastened and annuity. I additionally like chilly tunes, so I would really like to attempt a rap with that path. Additionally, I needed to find out how to pronounce words on rap and how to step in rhymes. I was fascinated about making a lyric, and I challenged myself to write as soon as. I tried referring to a lyrical lexical website referred to as “Rhythm Notes”, nevertheless it was troublesome. That's why I thought rapper was superb.

She needs to make zines and work in leisure
I want to do both ZINE making and leisure actions

– Final, please inform us about what you ’re working on from right here on.
-Finally, please tell us about your future actions.

Since I'd been an idol up till now, I hadn't made any of the pictures I'd taken obtainable, however I'd like to take from continue I'm going to proceed working on things like my zine-making. I'm additionally occupied with learning how to direct MVs and brief films. However I can't just think about it, I'd have to research about it … Also, each day I get There's a real individual, but by way of an idol present as an image, I'd like to direct others, songs, and costumes myself. There's one thing Caught simply daydreaming … Sometime I'd like to create a fictional. If only I had the cash! (laughs) I wouldn’t be in a position to make a singular woman who would really like to create a singular idol that would really like to create a singular woman I say like to manage a very superb occasion. I say all of this, but is it actually okay ~ Considering i t ’s all simply fictional … (laughs)
In the future, I assume that issues that I can relate to from manufacturing corresponding to ZINE ought to be constantly involved. I didn’t publish photographs I took because I was an idol thus far, however I would really like to take a photograph following one among them, or need to do a solo exhibition someday, and I am additionally eager about the course of pictures. MV and brief movies. Not solely considering but I have to research …. Additionally, I have been bloating my delusion each day lately.いつか架空のアイドルを作りたいなって。実在しないけど、その映像だけには実在してるアイドルで、人も衣装も、曲もディレクションを全部私がして。若い女の子が、プロデューサーとしてグループを作ることにとっても魅力があるし、私なら唯一無二な女の子からも推されるアイドルが作れると思います!お金さえあれば! ! ! ! (笑)

– I hope you’re in a position to accomplish all that sometime. Listening to your story makes it seem as should you’ve the behind the scenes spirit, but do you are feeling that method?
– いつかできたらいいですね。話を聞いてるとかなり裏方気質だと感じるんですが、自分でもそう思いますか?

I would agree with that.

– However would you like to be on middle stage?
– でも表にも出たい?

Sure. Right now I want to work on middle stage and categorical myself like that.

– Is there anything you want to do at the moment?
– とすると、直近でやりたいことは何ですか?

I need to seem in additional video works. I want to seem in MVs or in films screened at the mini theater. I additionally want to check out performing on stage.

– I see.
– なるほど。

The MV I appeared in was launched in Might 2018. It’s for a music referred to as “okuru” by a band from Okayama referred to as aaps. I acted in it a bit of, however it was enjoyable. I acknowledged how, by changing my gaze just slightly, the which means of video changed enormously.

Contributor Needed!!

From June, I started being represented by a expertise agency referred to as Michelle Leisure. Now that I’ve graduated from being an idol, I’m engaged on turning into a uniquely expressive individual. I appear in the stage play “Negima! Magister Negi Magi” alongiside ex-Nogizaka46 Rina Ikoma, who stars as the lead. It starts from July, and I need to give the half every part I’ve received. I’m an enormous fan of the unique manga it’s based mostly off of, and I have a folder referred to as Negima! the place I save photographs of all my favourite pages. It’s cute that she needs to date all of the characters!!… It’s my first time doing one thing like this so I’m really frightened, but above all else it’s essential to have fun, and I’m making an attempt my greatest during rehearals. I hope I see all of you at the theater.
After that I have plans to release my indie photograph e-book “Aiiro (working title)”.
I want to challenge doing increasingly more issues. I want to make an trustworthy effort, not solely toward zine-making. I recognize your whole continued help now and in the future!
それと、6月から「ミシェルエンターテイメント」という事務所に所属することになりました。アイドルを卒業した今は、唯一無二の表現者を目指しております。そして今、元乃木坂46の生駒里奈さん主演の舞台「魔法先生ネギま!~お子ちゃま先生は修行中!~」に出演中です。 7月12日から公演が始まっているのですが、一生懸命、頂いた役を全うしたいなと思っております。漫画がすごく好きで、好きなページをよく写メして「ネギま!」フォルダに入れております。どのキャラクターともデートがしたい! !愛らしいです…。初めてのことが多く不安もありますが、それよりも楽しむ気持ちを大事に、頑張ります〜!皆様是非、劇場でお会いできればと思います。

I wanna be…

Born in Kyoto on October 9th. Peak: 164 cm. Hobbies, expertise: Images, music, performing, events, and an avid concertgoer. Her favorite musical artists embrace cero, The Web, King Krule, Gen Hoshino, Maison e-book woman, and BiSH. She actually loves the Takarazuka Revue. She’s represented by Michelle Entertainment.
I wanna be… Official Twitter:
I wanna be… Official Instagram:
10月9日、京都府生まれ。身長:164cm。趣味、特技:カメラ、音楽、舞台、イベント、ライブ鑑賞。カルチャーの中では「音楽が一番好き」。好きなアーティストはcero、The Internet、King Krule、星野源、Maison guide woman、BiSHなど。「宝塚歌劇団もすごく好きです」。ミシェルエンターテイメント所属。

Writer Profile

Shinshi Okajima
Born in 1980
Skilled writer on idols
Co-authored titles embrace The Group Idol Evolution Concept, A Critical Research of AKB48, 10 Years of Idol History, and The Idol Music Disc Guide, amongst others. He has made appearances on television and radio, on ZIP, Sukkiri!, Good! Morning, 5-ji ni Muchu!, dig, and extra. He is the principal advisor for the Media/Idol Museum, sponsored by Saitama Prefecture.
He oversaw the women’ culture media work VIDEOTHINK, and produced Rinne Yoshida’s “Rinne’s Rap”, included on the ETICKET PRODUCTON E TICKET RAP SHOW collection. This DVD magazine was ranked primary in its genre on Amazon.
Shinshi Okajima Official website:
Shinshi Okajima Official Twitter:
「ZIP」「スッキリ!」(日テレ)、「グッド!モーニング」(テレ朝)、「5時に夢中!」(TOKYO MX)、「dig」(TBS)など、テレビやラジオへの出演多数。
ガールズカルチャーメディア「VIDEOTHINK」を主宰し、吉田凜音「りんねラップ」含むE TICKET PRODUCTION「E TICKET RAP SHOW」シリーズを制作。DVDマガジンはAmazonでジャンル1位を獲得した。

Translated by Jamie Koide

Pictures by Kenji Harada

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I wanna be…

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Shinshi Okajima

Shinshi Okajima

Born in 1980. Idol writer. His works (consists of joint works) : “Group Idol Shinka-ron” “AKB48 Saikou Kousatsu” “Idol Gakkyoku Disc Guide” and so on. Worked as a primary adviser for “Media/Idol Museum” exhibition organized by Saitama prefecture. Manager of the idol contents website “IDOL NEWSING”.

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