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Men Without Jobs, Marriage Counseling & Moroccan Wedding Planning – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

Men Without Jobs, Marriage Counseling & Moroccan Wedding Planning – The Ashley's Reality Roundup
“Please stop saying that J-O-B word! I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it!”

It’s been some time since we’ve checked in with the citizenship-challenged couples of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Fortunately Ever After?, and it seems that plenty of that “happily ever after” has began to put on off for the gang.

Let’s meet up with our couples, we could?

We begin issues off with Annie and David. Poor Annie is beginning to understand that her husband has a continual illness: unemployment-itus!

He nonetheless doesn’t have a job, and Annie is sad that she’s hardly dwelling that glamorous life that she dreamed of. (I assume squatting in an previous firehouse together with your jobless husband isn’t precisely the American Dream, eh?)

David’s sister, Nancy, is coming to city and Annie goes to prepare dinner her a standard Thai dinner. Nancy should have some kind of job as a result of she was capable of truly lease a “vacation house” to remain in for her journey. (Think about that! Paying to reside someplace. David have to be confused by that idea. It’s exhausting for him!)

Annie and David come to the home to make dinner. (Nicely, Annie is making dinner; David is sitting on his rump, complaining, as per ordinary.) David tells us that he didn’t need his sister to stick with him and his bride on the firehouse as a result of it’s not very snug. (I imply, who doesn’t hate it when their squat home will get too cramped!?)

Nancy appears pretty supportive of David and Annie’s relationship. Annie takes the chance to inform Nancy all about how David refuses to take a job that’s beneath him. (Apparently, he’s holding out to grow to be a rockstar or astronaut or one thing? He can’t be bothered to inventory cabinets on the Goal or one thing! The horror!)

“Take some job,” Annie says to David. “Some little job, then you can step up and take on the big job you like.”

Nancy will get on Annie’s aspect instantly. She realizes that her brother is an enormous ineffective lump of grievance and tries to encourage him to cease holding out till he is ready to develop into President of the Free World.

“You find something and you do it,” Nancy says, including that she’s “really disappointed” in David and that she’s “tremendously worried” about his entire state of affairs.

David decides to take what his sister is saying to coronary heart. He additionally decides to take no matter spending cash Nancy has introduced for her trip.

He asks his sister if he can borrow some money, and Nancy is simply blown away. (For some purpose she should have truly been holding out hope that her brother wasn’t an entire waste of area?)

“I come all the best way right here so that you can ask me for cash,? Nancy asks incredulously.

“So….is that a no on the money-borrowing or….?”

David then tells us that he has beforehand borrowed cash from his different sister and from his father. He solely requested Nancy for money as a result of he’s operating out of kin to mooch off of.

“I don’t want to keep seeing David borrow, borrow, borrow money,” Annie says.

Nancy says no, she’s not going to allow David by giving him cash. David says he was not anticipating Nancy to say no.

“I feel helpless,” he says.

If solely there was a way that David might exit and someway get cash by doing…I don’t know…some type of work for an agreed-upon sum of money! Then he wouldn’t be helpless!


Talking of jobless people, we subsequent examine in with the employment-challenged Azan and his determined bride-to-be Nicole.

Nicole and her daughter Might are in Morocco with Azan. Having Nicole inside hugging distance seems to be Azan’s worst nightmares come to life. He appears to be making an attempt to eliminate her and her child (though he’s effective with letting Nicole’s pockets stick round). Nicole, as per typical, shouldn’t be taking the trace.

“As you can see we are both so, so happy about this wedding. Right, Azan?”

Nicole says she plans to remain in Morocco for a yr or so after their wedding ceremony. Azan seems like he needs to start out trekking by way of the desert ASAP in the hunt for a Nicole-less life.

They sit down and attempt to discover out why Azan’s visa was denied. Azan says that he “thinks” it obtained denied due to his earlier relationship with a lady from Belarus. Azan says he thinks the embassy individuals suspect he’s simply making an attempt to get out of Morocco anyway he can. They don’t consider he’s actually in love with Nicole.

What? WHAT!? Maintain the telephones! Breaking information! Azan may not likely be in love with Nicole? I discover that onerous to consider!

Subsequent, we head over to verify in with Chantel and Pedro. Pedro’s big-screen-TV-obsessed “sister” Nicole is on the town and issues are nonetheless tense between Pedro and Chantel. Pedro tells Nicole that The Household Chantel is having him investigated and Nicole says that’s loopy. Pedro tells his sister that he actually needs to maneuver away from The Household Chantel as a result of they gained’t keep out of his enterprise.

Chantel, and her pretend eyelashes, tries to fix fences with Pedro and Nicole. Chantel says she’s sorry for disrespecting Pedro and for “whatever happened yesterday.” However, Pedro says she nonetheless has an angle.

Ooooh, woman. If he stated that to me, after I apologized, he’d be pulling the Lee Press-on Nails out of his eyeballs for DAYS!

They return within the condo and all three of them simply sit round and ignore one another. Chantel goes over to her household’s home to trash-talk Pedro and Nicole (as you do).

“Lordy…my mom’s gonna end up on the news…”

The Household Chantel is mad once they hear that Pedro goes to remain the night time in a lodge together with his sister. They bring about up an fascinating principle: maybe Nicole just isn’t truly a part of The Household Pedro in any respect. Perhaps she’s not his sister….

“Nicole seems to behave as if Pedro is her boyfriend. It makes me wonder what kind of relationship that is,” Chantel’s mother says.

Report scraaaaaaatch! Both Pedro and Nicole are in some kind of bizarre rip-off, or The Household Pedro could be very icky…

Chantel doesn’t appear to consider that Nicole is something greater than Pedro’s demanding sister. Nonetheless, she says Nicole is disrespecting her and this makes The Household Chantel very indignant.

“They have may have thought they met some stupid Americans, but things are about to get a little bit more stupider,” Chantel’s mother says. (Um… clearly…)

“I don’t know why anyone would think we were stupid!”

“I’ll do something about this, let me get these rings off,” Chantel’s mother says, as she begins taking her jewellery off like she’s able to battle. (It’s all very Snooki-fights-Angelina “hold my earrings”…)

In the meantime, over in Georgia, Molly and Luis are formally completed. Luis has moved out and Molly says she is relieved to have her home again. She says she’s prepared to maneuver ahead together with her life.

Molly admits that she hasn’t seen her 18-year-old daughter Olivia in a few month, even if Olivia is in the identical city, shacking up at her boyfriend’s place to keep away from the pile of Uselessness that’s been congealing on her mom’s sofa for the previous few months.

Molly calls her daughter and tells her that Luis has moved out and that she actually needs to see her. Olivia agrees to satisfy Molly for lunch later within the week.

“At this point, I regret my relationship with Luis,” Molly says. “I wish I would have listened to my gut a little more and just known that this wasn’t going to work.”

Subsequent, we jet on over to Colombia, the place Paola and Russ are getting ready to go away to return to the USA. Paola could be very unhappy to go away her household.

“I need to go back to that Pao who used to be there for my family,” she cries to Russ.

Russ tries to be supportive and inform her she will nonetheless help her household from the U.S. (on her Instagram lingerie mannequin wage, apparently?)

“Maybe I can dance sexy while you and Juan fight to the death, and we can put it on YouTube! That will make some money!”

Paola and Russ return to Florida and Russ leaves on a piece journey. Paola meets up together with her pal Genny who can also be from Colombia. Paola opens up about her miscarriage.

She says she didn’t inform her greatest good friend, Juan, as a result of she doesn’t assume he has the kindness to be supportive.

What? Juan? Not sort? Who would’ve thought? He’s a daily Mom Teresa in gold chains, that one!

Paola says she doesn’t know if Russ is aware of how a lot the miscarriage upset her. She could be very apprehensive that if she turns into pregnant once more, she could have one other miscarriage.

“I feel guilty. I feel that it was my fault,” she says, including that she needs Russ would speak to her extra about it.

Later, we go together with Paola to the physician. The physician tells her that she does have a better probability of miscarriage as a result of her blood is RH unfavourable. He says now that they know this, if she will get pregnant once more, they may be capable of management it by giving her a shot.

Lastly, we go see what our final dumpster-fire couple, Anfisa and Jorge, have been as much as these days.

Jorge is assembly with the counselor to speak about his crappy relationship with Anfisa. The counselor asks Jorge what he loves about Anfisa and Jorge says he loves her honesty. (‘Member when she keyed “Idiot” into his automotive as a result of that’s what she honesty considered him? That was particular!)

The counselor then asks Jorge what he thinks he must do to make Anfisa pleased and he says, “make more money.”


Um…Anfisa would have all of it spent earlier than you bought your mitts on a greenback of it…

Jorge tells the producer that he might repair “all the problems that he has” with cash. Jorge tells the counselor that cash is crucial factor within the marriage and an important factor in his life. (Whereas this looks like a skewed view of actuality, we’ve to keep in mind that Jorge is married to Anfisa, so he is probably not that far off right here.)

Jorge goes house and talks to Anfisa about his counseling session.

“Jorge has issues and he needs to work on them but he hasn’t, so what’s the point of going back to counseling if he’s not going to work on them?” Anfisa asks.

They determine to give up counseling and Jorge thinks every little thing goes to be high-quality, however Anfisa tells us that she is considering divorcing him.

However…however…however…they appear so comfortable!

(OK, I couldn’t even sort that with a straight face.)

“For once I’m not lying! I really do need more money!”

In the meantime, David, Annie, Nancy and David’s daughter, Ashley, exit to dinner. (David is unquestionably excited for the free meal.)

At dinner, they point out how a lot Nancy likes youngsters, so Annie asks her if she is going to assist her together with her future youngsters… if her and David have them. That’s when issues get awkward.

“Who are you going to have kids with? It’s not dad,” Ashley says.

“At David’s age?” Nancy asks.

Annie appears confused by their response.

“You mean his sperm don’t work anymore?” Annie asks.

She then reveals that David plans to get his vasectomy reversed as a result of he promised her they might have youngsters. Ashley is flabbergasted.

“You have grandkids you can help raise!” Ashley says. (I see the mooching gene runs deep within the household!)

Nancy is simply baffled. David requested her to borrow cash final night time, but he’s speaking about having a child tonight. Annie will get defensive.

“Why do I have to explain my life to you?!” she yells earlier than she storming out.

Ashley goes after her and tries to elucidate their concern. Annie comes again in, however she says she nonetheless doesn’t belief Ashley. She is going to, nevertheless, keep for the remainder of dinner, because it’s in all probability the one Prime-Ramen-less meal she’s had in weeks!

“When no one’s looking, but that leftover bread in your purse!”

The subsequent day, it’s time for Nancy to go away. David says he thinks Nancy is “abrasive.”

Why? As a result of she gained’t offer you cash?

Nancy tells David he higher get his s**t collectively. David retains telling her that his alternatives are going to return to fruition.

Positive, Jan.

Nancy says she is upset as a result of David is repeating the very same state of affairs he has repeated again and again.

Later, Annie meets up with Ashley for dinner sans David. Ashley says she heard that Annie met David at an escort bar. She asks Annie if that is true. Annie denies this.

Annie admits that, in Thailand, there are bars the place “naked women use their vagina to open the beer and put some stuff in there,” however she didn’t work at one.

Wait…what?! That doesn’t sound very hygienic!

Principally each viewer as they take heed to this story…

Annie stated she had by no means even been to a type of vagina beer bars… till David took her there.

Can all of us take a second to digest the image of David in considered one of these bars?! BRB– gotta go spew my lunch.

Anyway, again in Morocco, Azan, Nicole and Might journey to see Azan’s household and begin planning The Lil’ Desert Wedding ‘o’ Horrors. Azan says his household is happy that he’s getting married as a result of he’s the one son, and that his mother and father are paying for the marriage.

Azan’s mother and sister say they’re delighted to see Nicole and Might.

“When Nicole knocked on the door and I saw her standing there, I was so happy, I can’t even explain it,” Azan’s mother stated. “I am so excited to see my son get married.”

So, everybody is happy about this wedding ceremony…besides Azan. Nicole says she’s excited for “the wedding night and every night after that.”

Listening to this, Azan has the identical look on his face I did a minute in the past once I was picturing David within the Thai vagina beer bar.

Azan is about to be referred to as to the carpet. Nicole’s mom, Robbalee, has arrived in Morocco and she or he’s there to grill Azan like a shish-kebab.

“Azan seems reluctant to get to know us and that makes me nervous,” Robbalee says. “It’s like, what are you hiding?”

“It’s time to pay the piper, Azan! Get that tux on!”

Nicole tells Robbalee that Azan plans to get a “small job here and there to help out.” (Oh, how good of him!)

Robbalee says she is fearful that they gained’t have the ability to care for themselves, a lot much less Might. Robbalee instantly begins asking Azan concerning the different women he’s been speaking to. Nicole will get mad and says she doesn’t need to speak about it. Go determine.

Over in Georgia, Molly goes to satisfy with lawyer to inquire about divorcing Luis. Molly says Luis doesn’t have his work allow or inexperienced card but, so she is assembly with an immigration lawyer to seek out out the subsequent steps.

The lawyer, Irene, begins taking notes on the entire Molly/Luis debacle.

“So, you didn’t really have any red flags before he came to the U.S.?” Lawyer Irene asks snarkily.

“Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming, girl!”

Irene is taking notes on the mess that’s Molly’s life after which she tells Molly that since she signed an affidavit of help, Molly could be on the hook for 10 years to help Luis.

“He needs to go back to the Dominican because I’ve already spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get him here and I don’t want to have to pay one more cent for Luis’ ass, anymore,” Molly says.

Irene tells Molly she must go to the inexperienced card interview and allow them to know if she thinks Luis had ulterior motives when he got here to the U.S. Irene says this interview won’t occur for an entire yr, although.

“Now here’s a though, Irene. Would YOU consider marrying Luis? I’d owe you one!”

“I wish you well,” Snarky Lawyer Irene says as Molly leaves.

Translation: “Biotch, you’re screwed!”

Lastly, we head over to see Anfisa and Jorge one final time. Issues are much more tense between these lovebirds now, resulting from the truth that some lady despatched Anfisa a direct message on Twitter, claiming that Jorge is the daddy of her 10-year-old baby!

The potential child mama claims that Jorge is aware of it’s his child and that he hasn’t despatched over any pot cash to assist help his baby. (If this doesn’t have the makings of a reasonably good Maury Povich Present episode, I don’t know what does!)

Anfisa stated Jorge denies that it’s his baby.

“If this kid is really his, I don’t want to have anything to do with Jorge ever again,” she tells us.

However, whose automotive would you key, Anfisa!?


Subsequent week, Anfisa and Jorge are nonetheless making an attempt to determine if he has a daughter; David is making an attempt to determine tips on how to pay/mooch lease on the firehouse; Azan and Nicole try to determine the steps to Moroccan marriage. Oh, and Pedro and The Brother Chantel, River, get right into a bodily battle.

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(Pictures: TLC)

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