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[Music] Nogizaka 46 Yumi Wakatsuki Graduation Ceremony: Unbelievably Expressive Performer Delivered Top Rate Entertainment & Always Spread Affection | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news


Nogizaka 46 Amami Wakatsuki Graduation Ceremony Held: Excessive Entertainment by Tremendous-A Expressioners and Love to Maintain Giving

Nogizaka 46 Yumi Wakatsuki Graduation Ceremony: Unbelievably Expressive Performer Delivered Top Rate Entertainment & Always Spread Affection

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The opposite day a member of Nogizaka 46 graduated after discovering for herself The clear objective of turning into an “actress.” As a primary era member, ever since their third single Wakatsuki Yumi (24) was a specific member for 20 consecutive songs. A skilled designer, profitable design awards from the Nika Affiliation 7 years in a row since becoming a member of Nogizaka 46. Her commencement ceremony, held on the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, had production and organization befitting Wakatsuki, and just as you'd act, The impression that she made on Nogizaka 46, as well as her affection and feelings, are past measure. This highly expressive performer had a robust presence, giving a prime fee stage efficiency that is positive to remain in the reminiscences of her followers.

A member of Nogizaka 46 who acquired a transparent objective of “actress” graduated the other day. Atsumi Wakatsuki (24), who has been a member of 20 consecutive works as a member of the 1st third single, has gained expertise as a designer, profitable seven consecutive years within the design department of Nikisa after joining 46 Nogizaka. The commencement ceremony held at the Tokyo-Nippon Budokan is a really Wakatsuki-like directing and composition, and of course not solely as an actress, however as an outstanding stage work that exhibits its presence as a prime performer, it’ll stay in the reminiscences of followers I will. The achievements she has left at Nogizaka 46, and her love and ideas are immeasurable.

Held on December 4th, the “Nogizaka 46 Wakatsuki Yumi Graduation Ceremony” happening within the entrance of more than 10,000 fans in Nippon Budokan, who couldn’t make it there have been stay viewings held on 73 screens at 60 film theaters the cross over the theaters .

On the “Nokisaka 46 Wakatsuki Amami Graduation Ceremony” held on December 4, more than 10,000 fans attended the Nippon Budokan, and for followers who could not come to the venue, at the 60 screens and 73 screens nationwide. Reside viewing was also finished.

This occasion is the start of the superb show of the Hoku-kun (a one individual act speaking with disposable chopsticks). ceremony.

To start with, the occasion signboard raised outdoors the Nippon Budokan is a design for the cut up that’s named after Wakatsuki's own neta “Sakai-kun” (one-handed art that talks with the cut up). Commitment to this ceremony began from here.

Except for Wakatsuki herself The chosen members have been performing in Shanghai, China until two days before. Following the “completion of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of the stage performance of Tekkonkinkreet ”during which Wakatsuki starred, she rigorously arranged and rearranged the program herself in only every week.

In accordance with the official, everybody rehearsals on this stage is just at some point. The chosen members apart from the younger moon carried out the efficiency in China and Shanghai until two days in the past, but for this ceremony, younger moon is an in depth assembly in just one week after the top of the stage “Tekkonkinkreet” starring himself. It is stated that I repeated many occasions.

One of many unit members, Yamashita Mizuki, who is predicted to turn out to be part of the subsequent era for the subsequent era for the subsequent era. and her robust emotions for Wakatsuki united with those of the followers in attendance earlier than the curtain rose.

The three members of the Wakasama Corps Wakatsuki formation shaped by Wakatsuki are in cost. As a member of the unit, Mitsuki Yamashita, who is now referred to as the subsequent ace of Nogizaka 46, is crying at the moment, and the overflowing feeling for Wakatsuki has been one with the fans who have visited the venue before the opening efficiency .


As the efficiency begins and the dancers took up the stage, Wakatsuki appeared, doing a comical routine of the “Wakatsuki Robot” that has gained notoriety and has even been mentioned on common TV exhibits. With an exhibition of “Let's go, Budokan!” Performed the robot dance that has turn into synonymy together with her. These acquainted with her historical past first laughed and then cried at this performance.

The stage that finally started, Wakatsuki that appeared following the dancer, was comically despatched to the middle of the stage as “Wakatsuki Robot”, which turned a subject on common packages. “Budokan, let's go” and whispered, showed off robot dance that is synonymous with Wakatsuki. Those that know the historical past of Wakatsuki first giggle and cry to this path.

The music was chosen to steer off the ceremony was “Ookami ni Kuchibue wo,” which featured Ito Marika and Fukagawa Mai becoming a member of Wakatsuki herself with the front of the center. the environment contained in the constructing immediately rose.

An enormous full moon on the display after that. The music chosen for the first track of the ceremony, “Made a Whistle to the Rose”, the place she has taken the front along with Marika Ito, who has already graduated, and Mai Fukagawa. The air of the corridor begins to sublimate directly by the efficiency of the track with a excessive call to the well-known track among the many followers.

At one level in the course of the efficiency Wakatsuki stated, “While this is a graduation, because it is December I want to relax a bit.” Following this suggestion, tiered choir risers rare seen at Nogizaka 46 live shows This watch the efficiency in a pleasant twist. This allowed the fans to see the members of Nogizaka because the Nogizaka followers theselves, making it a fun improvement for everybody. and rice on the choral risers.

As one of many productions this time, Wakatsuki's opinion is that “I want to relax because I say graduation while I am graduation,” Hinabed is put in on a stage uncommon for Nogizaka 46's concert, the performance of the members, and other members Too fun setting you can see. This can be a improvement of nice satisfaction for the overall fan who can see the figure of Nogizaka members who take pleasure in as a fan instantly. The overall fans have been delighted to see the penlight collectively and eat fried rice and white rice at the alcove.


“This is a plan shifted as Wakatsuki said,“ The song I want to do before I graduate! ”Songs not usually heard at stay exhibits continued one after one other.

The part that began throughout that point was Wakatsuki himself saying “Song 5 that I want to do before graduation,” adopted by songs that I do not play very much in my standard reside.

The Underneath Members' music “Border,” which Wakatsuki loves, was performed with Wakatsuki standing on the affirmation risers giving her help, giving the second era members who worked exhausting beside her a chance to be within the spotlights Second era member Ito Junna, who has been recognized for her robust appearing capacity, had overcome by emotion by her elder Wakatsuki blazing the trail as an “actress,” and the scene ass She began to cry through the music left a deep impression.

In the music “Border” of the beneath member that Wakatsuki likes himself, Wakatsuki provides a spot of efficiency to the 2nd yr students who’ve had a tough time supporting them, supporting the 2nd interval members with smiles in the above-mentioned altar. We let many fans know the richness of the singing capability and expressive energy of the second semester. Junna Ito, whose efficiency means is particularly valued in the 2nd semester now, cannot hold again her ideas on seniors and Wakatsuki who have pioneered the class of “actress”, and the scene of crying while singing is just too impressive was.

Wakatsuki was not involved with the second era members but with the third era members as nicely, combining her personal “Hashi” (chopsticks) with Spoon, Knife, and Fork characters to create the “Wakasama Gundan” unit during her time with Nogizaka 46. On this present day, whereas performing the unit's prime music “Shitsuren Osoujinin,” as a shock she despatched the three members a particular message.

In addition to Wakatsuki, in addition to his second group and third group members, he shaped a unit referred to as “Wakasama Corps” that set the character of spoon knife knife fork during Nogizaka 46 exercise interval. And on that day, through the efficiency of the unit's solely music “失 失 人 人”, a surprise message is given to 3 members in a surprise.


Having gained reputation by working with Wakatsuki, current selected members Yamashita Mizuki and Umezawa Minami have been have been recognized with “She will become a core person to Nogizaka 46” and “She is the flower of Nogizaka 46.” After performing the songs, as Wakatsuki's favourite Christmas music “Senjo no Christmas” performed within the background, “You are the future of Nogizaka,” “You are the future of Nogizaka,” as Wakatsuki shown her affection for all the levels with out holding back. As soon as once more, everyone present cried and laughed. As an homage to the famous scene from the farewell live performance for former nice Yamaguchi Momoe, chopsticks have been left on stage instead of a microphone as she walked off.

With consideration drawn to unit actions with Wakatsuki, Yamashita and Mizuki Umezawa, who have grow to be established as selected members, at the moment are rated as “people who become the core of Nogizaka 46” and “flowers of Nogizaka 46” respectively. To Tamami Sakaguchi who has not had selection experience but, “You are Nogizaka's future itself” and Wakatsuki poured love on each stage on stage with out remorse. After displaying off the music, with the theme track “Mary Christmas of the Battlefield”, which is Wakatsuki's most favorite Christmas track, homage the famous scene in the former Yamaguchi Momoe Retirement Concert, as an alternative of Mike, stage the chopsticks Depart the place and depart. And the venue cries once more and laughs.


This cool performance was completed with a smile, and with a hint of the type of Fukuda Yuichi, who is her director in the current operating well-liked drama “Kyo Kara Ore Wa!”, You can really feel how her skills shall be properly used in the the “Fukuda Group.” After Wakatsuki made an announcement concerning the breakup of the “Wakasama Gundan,” there was a discussion about altering groups with the three group members and Takayama Kazumi, who had been appearing as MC from the choris risers, yamashita Mizuki An announced, “Yashita's hairstyle was the fourth generation group to spread the magnification of Wakatsuki!” She was unable to include her unchanging emotions of respect for Wakatsuki. By the best way, on this present day Yamashita's coiffure was the “amikomi” wave type that This was doubtless Yamashita's personal approach of displaying her respect for Wakatsuki.

Within the coolness, the path to accompany the laughter, even the favored drama on the air “Today I will!” Even director Yoichi Fukuda Ikansame, I felt the flexibility of the young moon with “Fukuda group” . After the Wakatsuki “Wakasama Corps” dissolution declaration, there were three members of the corps who have been accused of transferring to different corps from Kazumi Takayama who was in command of the alpine MC, however Mitsuki Yamashita stated, “From now on “I will be a corps to disseminate Mr. Wakatsuki's splendor!” And declared that he didn’t cover his unwavering respect for Wakatsuki. By the best way, Yamashita's coiffure of today is “weaving” that Wakatsuki was doing properly at the time of the concert. This was in all probability an expression of respect for Natsuki Yamashita and younger moon.

Earlier than, The “School Girl Quartet” unit (Wakatsuki Yumi, Akimoto Manatsu, Sakurai Reika, and Nakada Kana) that Wakatsuki had the strongest emotional attachment to carried out the music “Kokuhaku no Junban” for the primary and final time on this present day. The efficiency of the video was played by her fellow first era members, who had shared in so much pleasure and sorrow, the first hand of her commencement, bringing the gang to tears. into the fourth era members in attendance who had had their own event the day before today.

And the track “The order of confession” of the unit referred to as “Women's School Quartet” by which Wakatsuki himself is most enthusiastic (Amami Wakatsuki, Midsummer Akimoto, Ayaka Sakurai, Kana Nakata) is the primary and the last show of the day. We broadcasted the VTR of the day once we immediately knowledgeable of our commencement to the synchronization members of the first time period who had a hard time together earlier than singing, and weaned the tears of the fans. The efficiency of the four individuals of this present day will probably be strongly engraved within the eyes of the fourth time period members who held a reunion on the day before today and visited today.

Credit score for the whole production goes to the very expressive Wakatsuki Yumi, and it was beloved by all watching, be the fans or Nogizaka 46 members. This commencement ceremony was full of crying and laughter, and it was really first fee leisure.

The commencement ceremony this time is crying and laughing, simply the finest leisure. All the renditions have been by artist Amami Wakatsuki, the viewers was a fan and was a member of Nogizaka 46.


Beginning with the debut single “Guruguru Curtain,” which has been rigorously carried out at all just lately, when the cw “Aitakatta Kamoshirenai” was carried out the intro of the second half of the ceremony featured the Nogizaka 46 songs one after one other. Along with Nishino Nanase, Wakatsuki Carried out her ultimate single as a Nogizaka 46 member, “Kaerimichi ha Tomawari Shitakunaru,” as a finale, from the building, and “Girls Rule” and “Seifuku no Mannequin” despatched the crowded a frenzy. We’ll by no means once more be capable of see Nishino in the middle with Wakatsuki by her aspect smiling, and watching this scene the fans couldn’t cease their tears from flowing.

In the second half of the ceremony, the famous songs of Nogizaka 46 are shown offensively. When the debut single “Guruguru Curtain” cw “Might I wanted to meet you”, which has hardly been proven in recent times, the venue is swaying solely with the intro, and the venue with the event to “Girls rules” “Mannequins in uniform” Voltage at the climax. The final is the last single as Nogizaka 46 member with Nanano Nishino, and the primary story ends with “the return way wants to go round”. After today, fans could not cease tears on the smile of the last scene of the young moon by Middle Nishino which cannot be seen once more.

The encores came with out finish. Following an enormous refrain of “No-gizaka, Wakatsuki,” a video was proven wanting again on the 2658 days because the debut of Wakatsuki Yumi. Then, as Wakatsuki took the stage in a black gown, She turned to the fans and skim a letter aloud.

There isn’t any encore. After the refrain of “No-gi-za-ka-ka-tsuki”, the display begins to point out a video reflecting on 2658 days from the debut date when Amami Wakatsuki has walked. Then, a younger moon wearing a black gown appears in the midst of the stage and reads a letter to the fans.


This letter, which was additionally posted on her blog, was very profound.

The content material of this letter posted on her last blog is just too deep.

It wasn't that I needed to be an actress or something like that, however fairly my dream was fantastic to be a person who made a constructive influence on “If asked about my dreams for the future, I have always answered the same way. If are shown up in some place I didn't know about that would make it all the more special. There are many times in life where you can make an impact on those close to you, but to make an impact on If I have been able to make an impact. If I have been able to make an impact. If I have been able to achieve this in some small way, then I feel that everything over my seven years has been rewarded and has worth worthwhile. ”

“There are things that have been answered for a long time after being asked about their dreams for the future. It is not about actresses or such occupations, but a strange dream of becoming someone who can have a positive influence on someone's life. If you are somewhere you don't know, it's all too nice, it's a situation where there are many situations in your life that are affected, but if you're getting something from someone you've never met directly If you choose to receive it, it will be difficult to receive it, and only a handful of who will be the influencer, and if this is a bit snarling, all of my 7 years will be rewarded and saved. is”


During this track Wakatsuki stated, “Thank you” to each of the 39 members, and she or he also handed them Gerbera flowers as a present. The first individual she handed one to was Nishino Nanasese On the end of the day, she has been determined to graduate, and the final individual she has a hand to a her to a real good friend and Nogizaka 46 captain Sakurai Reika. At first Sakurai decided the flower, however as Wakatsuki took a knee and a handed her her feelings The pink Gerbera flowers are stated to characterize “gratitude.” This was a tremendous scene that can be spoken of for the rest of our lives.

“I don't want to lose” the songs I confirmed after this greeting. In the midst of this music, Wakatsuki presents a gerbera flower with the phrases “Thank you” to each of the 39 members. The opposite social gathering who began passing from Nanase Nishino who has additionally decided on commencement and handed the flower at the last end was the captain of Nogizaka 46 and Ayaka Sakurai, a ally. Sakurai, who refused to obtain it once, appeared like a kneeling and handed gerberas to Wakatsuki, who had all of the emotions of the previous seven years. The pink gerbera flower language is “thank you.” This scene has turn out to be an excellent scene that may continue to be advised all through the life.

The final phrases of the track are the phrase phrase “Of course, it's Nogizaka!” That Wakatsuki Yumi had all the time been within the charge of saying. It’s! ”Nevertheless, the other members had one ultimate surprise in store, and as the music performed a second time the members closed by saying,“ Of course, it's Wakatsuki! ”The followers joined in with an enormous“ It is! ” Now I'm going to cry … with a smile she confirmed her first tears of the day.

And the track she selected for the final music at the ceremony was “Danke Shane”. The last line of the track is the choice line of “Yappa Nogizaka!” After that, it was the standard circulate that the followers “Don't!” Nevertheless, at the last minute, the reverse surprise from the remaining members, the closing line of the music that has flowed again, is “Yowa Wakatsuki!” From the members. At the similar time, fans also despatched a big refrain “Don't it!” Wakatsuki sent this phrase, “I'm sorry. Now I'm crying now …”, I smiled, however I showed the primary tears of the day.


I will shut this report with the ultimate words she left us with on the end of the Wakasama Gundan performance.

On the finish of the report, the words she left behind at the finish of the Wakasama Corps track present are engraved.

“Hashi-kun, Hashi-kun, you have done so much for me. I guess this where we separate.”

“Aoi Kun-kun, I've really been indebted to you.

Chopsticks separate like this (separates disposable chopsticks) so that they can be utilized to grab issues. ”“ What are you saying, Waka-sama ?!

“What are you saying, young individuals! You’ll be able to grab something after you've been separated like this.

Actress Wakatsuki Yumi, expressive performer Wakatsuki Yumi, she is going to certainly carry on giving after this.

Actress ・ Amami Wakatsuki and an artist ・ Amami Wakatsuki would be the people who hold giving any more.


Writer: Yama Junta

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