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Lyme disease, do you have got it? In case you did, you in all probability wouldn’t know – until you’re one of the continual victims which have needed to go to over 30 docs to get a proper analysis. Lyme illness exams are highly inaccurate, typically inconclusive or indicating false negatives.

Why? Because this intelligent bacteria has discovered a solution to dumb down the immune system and white blood cells in order that it’s not detectable till remedy is initiated. To diagnose Lyme properly you need to see a “Lyme Literate MD (LLMD),” nevertheless, increasingly docs are turning their backs on patients resulting from sheer worry of dropping their practices! Insurance corporations and the CDC will do whatever it takes to stop Persistent Lyme Disease from being recognized, treated, or widely known as an more and more widespread problem.

Lyme is considered by the medical area to “only” transmit by means of a tick contaminated with micro organism. Nevertheless, the CDC itself admits it is under-reported, and believes there are between 300,000 to half one million new instances annually. That makes Lyme illness virtually twice as widespread as breast cancer and 6 occasions extra widespread than HIV/AIDS. The place are all of these new instances coming from? (It’s fascinating to notice that since Avril Lavigne just lately went public together with her Persistent Lyme Disease battle, mainstream news retailers like The Every day Mail have been mentioning Lyme could be transmitted by mosquitoes, too!)

When Lyme isn’t detected within the early levels, it becomes Continual Lyme, a condition which the CDC and IDSA both deny even exists. They’ll continue to deny it, as a result of if there’s one factor insurance corporations hate, it’s continual issues they should spend money and time treating. Subsequently, a panel with ties to insurance corporations gathered to write down up official Lyme tips that guarantee sufferers are solely allowed a number of weeks of antibiotic remedy and are not to be recognized with Persistent Lyme Disease (even when clear signs persist and invade the nervous system). Over half of the panelists who wrote the IDSA Lyme tips saying that Persistent Lyme just isn’t real — including the panel chairman — have apparent conflicts of interest including monetary pursuits in drug corporations, diagnostic checks, and patents, in addition to consulting agreements with insurance coverage corporations. Researchers and scientists with proof in help of Continual Lyme have been intentionally excluded from the panel. Due to these unjust Lyme tips, insurance coverage corporations have the “right” to deny coverage for the remedy of long-term Lyme illness. Docs have even lost their practices for efficiently diagnosing and treating Persistent Lyme, as proven in the film Beneath Our Pores and skin. Within the case of Dr. Joseph Jemsek of North Carolina, he not solely lost his license, but in addition his livelihood. Dr. Jemsek can not apply just because he gave antibiotics to Persistent Lyme victims, and was then sued by BCBS for 100 million dollars, following which he needed to declare chapter. You’ll be able to learn his closing remarks to the NC Medical Board just earlier than they pulled his license here. You may also watch his story within the documentary at the finish of this submit.

Busted – Massive Pharma bucks taint the IDSA

Connecticut Lawyer Basic Richard Blumenthal investigated the IDSA panel members for potential violation of antitrust laws and conflicts of interest.

Of the 14 panel authors of the primary edition tips: 6 of them or their universities held patents on Lyme or its co-infections, 4 acquired funding from Lyme or co-infection check package producers, four have been paid by insurance corporations to put in writing Lyme coverage tips or seek the advice of in Lyme legal instances, and 9 acquired cash from Lyme disease vaccine manufacturers. A few of the authors have been involved in multiple conflict of curiosity. (Supply: ‘Underneath Our Pores and skin‘ [2008])

Research: Robust Proof Of Sexual Transmission

The micro organism that causes Lyme disease is Borrelia burgdorferi, a kind of corkscrew-shaped bacteria generally known as a spirochete. The Lyme spirochete is a cousin to Treponema pallidum, the spirochete that causes syphilis.

Dr. Alan MacDonald, MD who seems within the documentary ‘Under Our Skin’ (2008), says within the movie that he discovered found Borrelia (Lyme) DNA in 7 out of 10 postmortem Alzheimers sufferers’ brains. This makes good sense, since syphilis, its cousin, also invades the brain in tertiary or neurosyphilis. Dr. Klinghardt, MD (additionally quoted from ‘Under Our Skin’) said that he’s “never had a single patient with Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis who tested negative for Borrelia.”

Dr. Alan MacDonald, MD talks about Lyme.

Why are so many individuals suffering from Lyme illness and its allegedly associated persistent issues, resembling Alzheimers and ALS? A new research suggests that identical to its spirochete cousin that causes syphilis, Lyme illness could also be sexually transmitted! The research was introduced at the annual Western Regional Assembly of the American Federation for Medical Analysis, and an abstract of the analysis was revealed within the January problem of the Journal of Investigative Drugs.

Medical Every day reviews,

The research — introduced at the annual Western Regional Assembly of the American Federation for Medical Research — a collaborative effort by a world group of scientists — tested semen samples and vaginal secretions of three teams of sufferers to research whether passing Lyme illness to a associate by way of unprotected intercourse is a risk. The research noticed control subjects with out evidence of Lyme disease, random topics who examined constructive for Lyme illness, and married heterosexual couples partaking in unprotected sex who tested constructive for the disease. The presence of B. burgdorferi and equivalent strains of the bacterium have been of specific interest to the researchers in unprotected intercourse in spouses.

The management subjects have been found to test destructive for the bacterium in semen samples or vaginal secretions, as expected by the researchers. The researchers discovered traces of B. burgdorferi within the vaginal secretions of all ladies with Lyme illness. In contrast, approximately half of the lads with the illness examined constructive for the bacterium in semen samples. As well as, one of many heterosexual couples with Lyme illness have been discovered to have similar strains of the bacterium of their genital secretions.

One researcher in the research notes, “There is always some risk of getting Lyme disease from a tick bite in the woods. But there may be a bigger risk of getting Lyme disease in the bedroom.”

“Our findings will change the way Lyme disease is viewed by doctors and patients,” stated Marianne Middelveen, lead writer of the research. “It explains why the disease is more common than one would think if only ticks were involved in transmission.” But will this truly change the best way Lyme illness is seen? Or will the cash funneled in by insurance coverage corporations and vaccine manufacturers proceed to blind and corrupt the IDSA board members? When is enough, enough?

The research was a joint effort by a group of scientists which included dermatologists, molecular biologists, microbiologists, internists, and family practitioners. Probably the most revealing facet of the research, for my part, is the very fact I discussed earlier: one of many heterosexual couples with Lyme illness confirmed equivalent strains of the Lyme spirochete in their genital secretions. “The presence of the Lyme spirochete in genital secretions and identical strains in married couples strongly suggests that sexual transmission of the disease occurs,” stated Dr. Mayne.

Gestational Transmission From Mother To Youngster


A North Carolina State University researcher has found that Bartonella (a standard Lyme co-infection) could be passed to unborn infants, inflicting continual infections and probably delivery defects. Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt and his analysis group tested blood and tissue samples taken over a period of years from a mom, father and son who had suffered continual sicknesses for over a decade. Post-mortem samples from their daughter–the son’s twin who died shortly after start–contained DNA evidence of B. henselae and B. vinsonii subsp. berkhoffi an infection, which was additionally discovered in the other family members. Breitschwerdt’s analysis appears online within the April 14 Journal of Medical Microbiology.

You’ll be able to learn a transcript of one in every of Breitschwerdt’s interviews on Bartonella right here.

A number of Strains Of Lyme?

In 2002, W.T. Harvey, an MD from Houston, began discovering giant numbers of chronically unwell Borrelia burgdorferi PCR- and seropositive patients in the space around his house and apply. Houston, Texas is said a zoonotically “non-endemic” area, so he set out to understand simply how this epidemic was occurring. W.T. Harvey had no competing financial interest (as the CDC and IDSA do) and acquired no grants when writing his research on Lyme.

“In order to understand this finding prior to sufficient data availability, we chose to examine critically the currently accepted but troublesome ‘Lyme disease’ concepts,” Harvey’s research reads. “Our method was to analyze each foundation ‘Lyme disease’ premise within the context of available medical and veterinary literature, then to reconstruct the disease model consistent with the preponderance of that data. We find the present conceptualization of the illness seriously truncated, with a high likelihood of two distinct but connected forms of human B. burgdorferi infection. The yet-unrecognized form appears to have a broader clinical presentation, wider geographic distribution, and vastly greater prevalence. We conclude that ‘Lyme disease’ currently acknowledges only its zoonosis arm and is a limited conceptualization of a far more pervasive and unrecognized infection state that must be considered a global epidemic.

Might You Have Lyme From Your Pets?

Suzy Cohen of is a registered pharmacist and best-selling writer. When she graduated from pharmacy faculty in 1989, she believed that treatment was the reply to serving to sufferers get healthy. When that didn’t all the time work, she began to do some critical research. In one article addressing the truth about Lyme, she writes:

“Most Lyme sufferers have pet cats and dogs, they are not aware that their pets gave it to them. But it happens like this, your pets go out into the yard to do their duty, and ticks jump on them, especially in May and June, their breeding season but any time of the year is possible. Your pet totes these ticks into your house and then you cuddle with your pet. The ticks get on you, and numb your skin. They are teeny tiny, about the size of a poppy seed and you’ll never know you got bit. They like every part of your body, but especially warmer areas, like armpits for example. You may never know. Sometimes the Lyme can happen from a cat scratch or bite. When I ask pet owners about their pets, they go into a bit of denial, because of the great love they have for pets. But you have to realize pets, for as delightful as they are, are tick taxis. If you have Lyme, and get bit again by your pet, you are potentially introducing new coinfections or re-innoculating yourself with more Lyme organisms. It explains why some people just can’t get well, or get setbacks even under treatment.”

Borrelia spirochetes have been found in the urine of infected canine, amongst several different animals. Studies on mice have discovered that the spirochetes in urine remained viable for 18-24 hours and concluded that “[u]rine may provide a method for contact non-tick transmission of B. burgdorferi in natural rodent populations particularly during periods of nesting and/or breeding.” Evidence for direct contact transmission has been demonstrated in mice. These findings recommend that further research is required to guage alternate strategies of Lyme transmission, reminiscent of by the urine of contaminated animals to people.

Conclusion & How To Study More:

“Lyme is one of the many microbes that has entered our system. And I feel as a physician that things are getting to a degree that’s serious. We’re watching other mammals die out and just think, ‘well, I’m glad it’s not me.’ However, as our environment becomes increasingly polluted, so do our bodies. And then we grow bugs [parasites, pathogens] in us that are not compatible with human life anymore.”

– Dr. Klinghardt, MD, ‘Under Our Skin’ (2008).


As Dr. Klinghardt stated, this is getting critical. Or as Dr. Harvey put it, that is an epidemic. These sufferers, together with strong science, are being purposefully ignored as a result of IDSA panelists have been bribed and purchased.

Might you have got Lyme? I think I’d after a collection of flea bites in 2011, and I’m virtually constructive my mom has had it for a very long time. Her docs are lastly considering the same. This is no shock to me; as Dr. Klinghardt said above, Lyme is likely one of the many microbes that has entered our system. We are all uncovered to pathogens and parasites each day, and are by no means taught anything about tips on how to cleanse or keep a largely uninhabitable internal surroundings (hint: a robust immune system)! The truth is, I’m on my third parasite cleanse and nonetheless passing worms. What else are we housing that we don’t find out about? Why is all of this info ignored?

Lyme presents itself in symptoms typically misdiagnosed as Crohn’s Disease, Persistent Fatigue Syndrome, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, Colitis, Encephalitis, Fibromyalgia, Fifth’s Illness, Arthritis, Cystitis, IBS, Lupus, Prostatitis, Psychiatric Issues (bipolar, melancholy), Sjogren’s Syndrome, sleep issues, thyroid illness, and extra.

This can be a long listing, and the quantity of people that go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed altogether is staggering. As I stated, Lyme and a whole lot of other pathogens and parasites have taken up residence in our our bodies. We now have improved our outer practices of hygiene, but have elevated our sources of autointoxication: GMO foods, processed food-like products, overeating, fluoride in water, and chemical compounds in the whole lot from family cleaners to plastics – just to call a number of.

Please watch “Under Our Skin” to study more about Persistent Lyme illness and the way the medical business continues to ignore this epidemic. The complete documentary is obtainable right here with a short preview under.

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