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Ridin’ a Bull & Buyin’ a Bathrobe – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

Ridin’ a Bull & Buyin’ a Bathrobe – The Ashley's Reality Roundup
That Jinger’s a fortunate, fortunate woman…

Yeee—haw! Seize yer cowboy hat (and your Duggar-sized field of antacid) as a result of on this episode of Counting On, we’re headin’ to the Laredo County Truthful to observe Jeremy exhibit his potential to pelvic thrust and experience issues. Giddyap!

We may also be handled to what would be the most vanilla triple date ever executed (trace: it takes place in a thrift retailer), and watch because the Duggars host a joint Sip & See for Kendra and Pleasure… as in Sip & See what they’ll be doing with the subsequent 15+ years of their lives. (Trace: birthing out a bevy o’ blessings.)

The episode kicks off at Jessa’s Home ‘o’ Mould. Jessa tells us she and Ben have invited Lauren, Josiah, Joe and Kendra over for a “thrift store date night.” She explains that every of the gals shall be selecting an outfit from the thrift retailer rack for his or her man, whereas every of the blokes will select one thing for his “lady helpmeet” to put on.


“Hey guys, check out these nifty transition lenses Jessa got me for being her special helper!”

To make issues actually thrilling (we’re speaking “Joy gets new glasses” degree of pleasure right here, individuals!), the Dugs aren’t even going to make Jana wash the thrift retailer garments earlier than they put on them!

Top-of-the-line elements of this crapisode is when the producers inform Jinger and Jeremy concerning the thrift retailer date concept. When Jeremy learns his in-laws are going to put on the soiled garments with out washing the previous house owners’ um… “spurgeon”…off of them first, he makes the identical face he did when he tried Jim Bob’s barbecued tuna!

“I like it when you’re a dirty boy but not in that way!”
“Oh, you…”

Earlier than heading out, Jessa marvels at the truth that all the couples being subjected to this storyline are at totally different levels of their relationship. Joe and Kendra joke that Josiah and Lauren not want a Bible in between them on the sofa now that they’re engaged, which might be humorous if it weren’t in all probability true.

Having couples in several levels additionally permits Jessa to have the ability to expel her knowledge about marriage to the youthful women. As everyone knows, there’s nothing Jessa likes greater than being the most-knowledgeable individual in a room. (Why else do you assume she married Ben?)

Jessa explains the principles of this nightmare of a date night time. Every individual can spend $20 to see how far more ridiculous they will make their vital different look. Every individual will then be pressured to put on no matter their partner (or almost-spouse) selected for them to dinner.

“I don’t understand what we’re doing. I’m just excited that Jessa gave me an advance on my allowance.”

Two newlyweds who will not be collaborating within the thrift retailer date night time are Pleasure and Austin. They haven’t any time to put on soiled used garments for sport, provided that they only welcomed their first youngster, Child Gideon (or, as The Ashley likes to name him “Baby Motel Bible.”)

Pleasure says life as a new mother is enjoyable. (Properly…her mouth says that however her face says that she needs she have been anyplace however the place she truly is.) She says it’s a lot better now that she’s lastly capable of get out and do issues (like mow the garden) after recovering from her C-section supply.

“I am…so happy…really…just so…blessed. Yeah…that’s it…”

In between portray a fence, constructing a shed and retiling the kitchen, Pleasure helps Austin give Gideon a tub within the kitchen sink. Whereas getting the infant prepared for a Duggar scrubbin’, Austin brags to the producers about all of the diapers he modified whereas Pleasure was recovering from baby delivery. (I imply, that’s the least he might do contemplating Pleasure in all probability constructed that altering desk by hand.)

As a result of Pleasure’s requirements for males are about as little as the probabilities of a Duggar lady having a profession, she commends Austin for stepping up after their blessing was ripped from her physique. (Does anybody else assume that Austin in all probability stored a tally sheet of what number of of his son’s diapers he modified in order that he would understand how a lot Pleasure “owes him” for doing her work whereas she was laid up?)

“Hey Mom and Dad…it wouldn’t kill you to hit the showers too, you know…”

Since motherhood seems to be all rainbows and tater-tot casserole for Pleasure, the producers ask her if she might think about having 18 extra youngsters, to which she says she couldn’t.

“I want more kids, but I don’t even know how my mom did it,” she stated.

One phrase: JANA.

Over in Texas, Jinger and Jeremy (in freshly laundered garments, we assume), head to the Laredo County Truthful to odor some livestock, eat artificially-flavored meals and make the locals marvel why a digital camera crew is following two random white individuals.

Jinger says that, as a result of she’s “with blessing,” her sense of odor is heightened. Nonetheless, she’s a trooper and agrees to enter the livestock barn to smell goats, cows and different assorted animals. (To be truthful, the barn nonetheless in all probability smells a hell of a lot higher than the Boys’ Bunker on the Duggar home!)

“Smells like they’re desperate to find us a storyline this week!”

Subsequent, Jing and Jerm attempt some sweet that’s been coated in liquid nitrogen. Jinger will get a kick out of seeing smoke come out of her mouth as she eats the freezing deal with. Whereas it appears harmful to eat a chemical that dermatologists use to burn individuals’s warts off, Jing and Jer survive and appear to be actually having fun with their “Dragon’s Breath” dessert.

All she wants is a bottle of Jack Daniels and she or he’d be correctly outfitted to deal with the Duggar Household…

Again in Arkansas, it’s lastly time for the much-anticipated thrift retailer date. The clan storms the native charity store looking for super-cool garments for his or her soulmate to put on. As we all know, Duggars love them some thrift retailer buying, so Jessa is virtually foaming on the mouth to get her mitts on these unwashed clothes!

Ben seems to be downright scared that he’ll selected one thing that Jessa doesn’t like. (She’s in all probability saving a few of her dollars to buy a broom to beat Ben with, in case he chooses flawed.)

“You’ve met Jessa. You know I have every right to fear for my safety if I choose the wrong outfit!”

The group splits up by gender, with the women zeroing on the lads’s part. In the meantime, the blokes look misplaced (in all probability as a result of they’re questioning the place the “denim skirt” part of the shop is). The males appear to have the harder process, since they not solely have to seek out a trendy outfit for his or her woman to put on, however additionally they have to ensure it’s modest sufficient and never one thing that appears prefer it was made by Omar the Tentmaker.

Ben hones in on the protected selection: a denim gown. He scoops up every thing he can discover product of denim and asks Josiah for assist in selecting one of many frocks.

“Hmm, which one of these could be re-purposed as a birthing tarp?”

Ben has his coronary heart set on one denim gown, however decides towards it when Josiah advises him that the gown seems to be like a blue jean Hefty bag. (That might have definitely earned Ben at the least 10 broom lashings had he bought it for Jessa!)

Josiah is unable to seek out one thing “fantabulous” for Lauren as a result of evidently, she has unusually brief arms. Josiah doesn’t need to piss off his bride-to-be so he goes with a patterned gown with lengthy sleeves. (We will assume the sleeves are there to cover Lauren’s T-rex arms?)

“Hey, Joe. Didn’t this used to be Mom’s?”

He’s additionally eyeing a pair of matching fuzzy blue slippers that may permit Lauren to go “slippin’ around town.” Ben warns Josiah that used slippers in all probability don’t odor so nice, so naturally Josiah decides to go in for a whiff (twice) to seek out out.


Elsewhere within the retailer, Kendra and Joe wander aimlessly, equally not sure of one another’s actual sizes or tastes. In fact, that’s what occurs whenever you marry somebody you’ve recognized lower than a yr.

“All I know is that she likes them skirts…and she’s size Pregnant!”

Jessa principally instructs the opposite women to purchase “grandpa” garments for his or her males. Lauren agrees (and Kendra giggles in settlement). Jessa chooses a cardigan for Ben, whereas Kendra picks out an pastel yellow sweater vest for her beloved Joe.

Lauren, that thrifty shopper, realizes that she has a couple of bucks left over after shopping for Josiah his grandpa outfit so she decides to spring for a $four “prank outfit” for Josiah. She purchases a ratty bathrobe and sleep pants. Kendra giggles on the considered Josiah considering he has to put on the bedtime attire to dinner.


I consider this part has been dubbed the Honorary Michelle Duggar Aisle…

Elsewhere in Duggar Land, Pleasure and Austin are adjusting to life as mother and father. They’ve found that teen parenthood shouldn’t be as glamorous or enjoyable as MTV tries to make it out to be. Pleasure seems to be depressing and exhausted, whereas Austin seems to be irritated. (They each, for the report, appear to be they might use a good tub.)

Sadly, although, Child Motel Bible is the one Forsyth getting a hose-off on today. Pleasure and Austin bathe the infant within the sink, Later, footage of an interview with Austin performs. Austin tells us that marriage might be not what Josiah and Lauren expect.

“I can see why the divorce rate is so high,” he continues.

Are they even allowed to say the “D word” on this present?!

So….it feels like issues are stellar within the Forsyth home!

Austin provides that it’s necessary to not take your partner as a right. In different phrases, be grateful and type to your spouse after she re-shingles the roof of your home whereas 9 months pregnant.

A couple of miles away, the thrift retailer gang arrives again on the home with their purchases.

“Mmmmm! Smells like…strangers’ sweat…and skin flakes!”

Kendra and Joe strategy one another, and Kendra giggles as she asks Joe if he was naughty or good. Joe blushes and says he’s been good.

They’re speaking about their thrift retailer outfits, proper? RIGHT!?

The couples hand off their respective plastic grocery luggage of garments and the blokes are the primary to mannequin the seems to be that their ladies have chosen for them. Ben and Joe come out sporting their “old man sweaters,” whereas Josiah rocks his “prank” outfit of the bathrobe and pajama bottoms. He says he’s “freaking out” on the considered having to put on this to dinner.


It’s like they’re placing on some dangerous model of ‘A Christmas Carol’ or one thing…

“Sometimes it’s easier to dish it out than to take it,” Jessa says. (We will assume she’s speaking about each pranks and tater tot casserole.)

Lastly, Lauren reveals that she’s simply joshin’ Josiah (no pun meant), and that she has a actual outfit for him. Josiah seems to be relieved and goes to vary into his outfit, which comes full with bowtie. (I’m virtually sure that his outfit was  what the groomsmen wore for one of many Duggar women’ weddings.)

Subsequent it’s the women’ flip to work the faux-hardwood-floor runway and the three come out revealing their outfits.

Jessa is proudly modeling her denim gown (and you recognize she’s simply dying to brag to the opposite women about how a lot her man is aware of her type as a result of they’ve been married for soooo lengthy). Kendra comes out wanting like she’s sporting Fundie sleepwear. Lauren appears good in her gown (with added size because of some type of smock). You virtually don’t even discover her T-rex arms!

“The only thing missing from my outfit is a pair of used stinky slippers!”

We swing again over to Texas, the place Jeremy has determined to attempt his hand at rodeo life by taking a activate a mechanical bull. Pregnant Jinger is sitting this enterprise out, and retains shifting backward. We quickly know why she needed to get as distant as attainable.

Jeremy climbs up on the bull and proceeds to thrust furiously, yelling “Come on, Maximo! Come on, Maximo!” Throughout this, he grunts and contorts his face, and provides us a fairly good concept of what Jinger was wanting up at on her wedding ceremony night time.


Jeremy truly does fairly nicely driving the bull. (Nevertheless, everyone knows that Michelle is the ‘Counting On’ star with the perfect “riding” expertise…)

We get a uncommon glimpse of the producers and digital camera crew throughout this scene. An assortment of them are proven, collapsing in giggles (Kendra-style) as they witness Jeremy journey Maximo like his religious life depends upon it.

That is in all probability what Jim Bob appeared like after an intense blessing-making session…

The producers then ask a number of the Duggars who within the household can be the most effective bull rider. Jackson appears to be the bulk vote, for some cause.

Once more, it’s Michelle, guys. Michelle is OBVIOUSLY the most effective “rider” within the household. Proper, Jim Bob?

In fact, although, Austin says he can be the most effective. He additionally states that he’s the one one with sufficient balls to get on a bull.

Insert eye roll right here.

We head again to Duggar Land to verify in on the triple date yet one more time. The group is all dressed (and absorbing these strangers’ juices), and marching into a restaurant for dinner. Naturally, all the males need to order hen fingers. (They could be dressed like previous males, however they’ve the mentality of a seven-year-old!)

“Num Num Nummers…”

Quickly, speak on the desk shifts to Josiah and Lauren’s wedding ceremony plans and we study that the couple has already nailed down their venue and wedding ceremony colours. They are saying they’ve 114 days till they tie the knot and the opposite couples are shocked by this “long” engagement.

Jessa is keen to spew marriage recommendation, as per standard. She tells the almost-newlyweds to not internalize issues. (Translation: in case your husband leaves his toys out, don’t hesitate to inform him he’s not allowed to have dessert for the remainder of the week.)

Later on the Duggar Compound, Jana is tough at work (shocker) placing collectively a Sip & See for Kendra and Pleasure. Jana says they’re anticipating no less than 100 individuals at this occasion, which is youngster’s play in comparison with a number of the duties she’s been in command of up to now, corresponding to elevating each sibling that was born after her.

“I couldn’t be happier. Can’t you tell?”

After watching the male Duggar goons attempt to guess what a “Sip & See” is, Jana tells us that it’s principally a joint child bathe. Although Pleasure has already expelled her spawn, the get together will rejoice his delivery and provides individuals a probability to ogle him for the worth of bringing a present.

As soon as the hordes of household and buddies arrive, the video games start. First up: the 2 couples of honor are joined by Lauren and Josiah for a recreation involving trash luggage, child meals, blindfolds and a fetish for doing bizarre issues on digital camera. Austin seems irritated that he has to even be on the bathe, and is giving off a “too cool for school” vibe the entire time.

The couples try and feed one another child meals whereas blindfolded. Joe is struggling probably the most (which is, in fact, no shock provided that he wants to truly be capable of see the plate he’s about to lick clear).

We will by no means unsee what we’ve simply seen, guys…

After all of the sucking and slurping, Pleasure and Austin are named the winners.

Subsequent time on ‘Counting On,’ Jinger and Jeremy discover out the gender of their blessing, the Duggars hit the slopes WITHOUT snow skirts to have fun Jana and John-David’s birthday and Lauren picks out a sleeved wedding ceremony gown to stroll down the aisle in.

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(Pictures: TLC)

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