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I’m obsessed with this wedding ceremony right now!! Since I’ve started planning my very own wedding ceremony I’ve had an entire new appreciation of what couples go through to create their ‘perfect’ day. With a such a big reception room to fill, I’m now Ebay’ing and DIY’ing my option to my dream wedding ceremony which is strictly what lovely bride Katie did to realize her loopy coastal, carnival, funfair bonanza of a day.

“Being an Essex girl marrying a Leicester boy we knew that at least one side of our family would need to travel, although tradition dictates you marry where the Bride is from, we simply didn’t have a £50K Essex wedding budget! So we decided to get married in Felixstowe, on the Suffolk coast because of it being such an extremely special place for both of us, having got engaged there,” Katie started.

“Adam and I have made so many memories in Felixstowe that it just felt the exact right place. When choosing a venue, we knew we wanted to get married in Church so this was an easy find as there is only one Parish and a beautiful Church called St Peter and St Pauls right near the sea. To be able to get married there we had to become a member of their Parish and therefore attend church once a month for 6 months in the lead up to the wedding. This was a huge commitment with it being a 3 hour drive away! But the motivation for a dream wedding definitely kept us going.”

“The reception venue was much harder, being on the coast we wanted to ensure we included the amazing scenery for our guests but we were limited on choice and budget. It took a lot of research to track down and find, but as soon as we stepped into Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club we knew we had found it… incredible views, perfect space that the club were so flexible in letting us create our own magic in, relaxed atmosphere and with a bar that served jagerbombs!” She added.

“The theme was always going to be the seaside because of the location but as the months went on this manifested into a crazy coastal, carnival, funfair bonanza! We didn’t have any rules of what could and couldn’t be included, we just knew it had to be bright, fun and bold! And most importantly reflect us. We wanted to include everything and anything that meant something personally and referenced milestones as us as a couple. Our table names were a great example of this, we just picked everything that we liked! Mcdonalds featuring heavily!! Haha. We met on Tinder so knew that referencing this in our invites was a fun nod to a slightly cringe first date. As we were setting up I just kept yelling out to remind everyone that ‘unicorn vomit’ was the key look!”

“After about 6 months of buying such random items off Ebay Adam made me sit down and talk him through my purchase history as he was just constantly signing for parcels (and was getting worried!)… after the inflatable seagulls, 200th paper lantern, bingo books and multitude of balloons (Winnie the pooh, rainbows, flamingos, dinosaurs…) after an hour into it he told me to stop talking him through…!! (I think it might have been the inflatable surf board drink coolers and the inflatable dinosaur that might have tipped him over the edge!!!)” She laughed.

“It was extremely important to us that we supported the local community that had been so welcoming to us when it came to building our big day. We therefore chose our suppliers through a mixture of recommendations and advice from our family and friends. I knew that I wanted to dedicate a good chunk of our budget to our photographer, advice from our friends who had recently got married was that the photos are key in re-living and remembering your day when it is all such a blur, so I set out searching the best I could find. As soon as I saw Kelsie’s photos online and after exchanging emails (she is such a babe, so lovely and only lived up the coast!) I knew she was the one for us! She made us both feel so at ease (especially with Adam and his ‘Chandler smile!’ haha) and we knew she would capture everyone just having fun! We were not disappointed!!”

“Our florist Philipa Day is my Brother’s friend and at the time had just started her new floral business so supporting her and her amazing talent just felt fantastic, the flowers were insane and totally blew away our expectations. To this day I am still not sure how she captured my vision through my stressed, panicked, sporadic emails and only meeting up face to face once, she just understands you and that was perfect.”

“Our Videographer C&K Studios was recommended by my hairdresser Emily who had actually had them film her wedding so I knew that she was recommending a fantastic duo, they captured our day in such a perfect way I honestly still have tears every time I watch our highlight video back. To top it off Chris and Kelly were just so welcoming and friendly which definitely helps when you are being filmed!! Emily my hairdresser I found online, she has her own salon at home called Little Gem and she created the perfect relaxed look. She was able to recommend her friend Amy Prendergast a makeup artist to complete the look, I never wear makeup so she had a real challenge but I was so happy with how it all came together! Suits came from Toggs a local tailors in Felixstowe who supported us through last minute changes and helped us work around fittings of sporadic visits to Felixstowe. They were still altering my Grandads suit the morning of the wedding when he had only been able to try it on the day before! Hey! Origami Fox created the most truly wonderful invites and table names who I found on Instagram, they folded in a origami style and I felt this was so unique and really summed up our day for the first glimpse of what our wedding would be like. Anna created all this by one face time call and midnight emails, she was so patient and so understanding,” Katie defined.

“We DIY’d EVERYTHING! We just didn’t have the budget to buy or rent everything we wanted so we had to make it! Thankfully we have the most amazing family and friends who all mucked in. I actively avoided Pinterest and only referred to wedding magazines/blogs that broke wedding traditions and encouraged couples to just be themselves.”

“In the midst of starting to plan I read a Japanese proverb which said if you made and hung 1,000 origami birds at your wedding you would have a life time of happiness… so that was it! I decided we were having 1,000 birds!! (I actually made 1,100 to be on the safe side! Haha). I watched about 15 tutorials on YouTube and after a lot of screwed up paper I managed to make my first bird. I set myself a target of 50 a day and after a lot of days (A LOT OF DAYS!! Haha)  I finally completed them! I then had the task of hanging them all on wire and somehow getting them down to Felixstowe. My sister came to stay while Adam was on his stag do to give the birds the final push they needed, although she mostly laid with our dog Hank and watched films while cheering me on haha.”

“I made 100 salt dough place names hearts for the girls and lobsters for the boys (‘he’s her lobster’ friends reference!). Although a lot of them broke in transit so my bridesmaids and I were frantically still making them the night before the wedding. Some funny name spelling mistakes were luckily funnily well received on the day! (Stuart to Sturat was my personal favourite!! Haha).”

“Adam’s chief usher Tom made all of the funfair games including coconut shy, splat the rat and tin can alley. He also attached legs to our Punch and Judy photo booth that I found in a junk shop so that everyone didn’t need to crouch down. Whilst my fantastic Dad Reg, made the post box and beach hut table plan which made the entrance of the venue.”

“I made my own veil by buying fabric from Ebay which almost matched my bridesmaids dresses and using the talent of my dress tailor she helped me make sure it was the perfect length for the dress.”

“The room was completely decorated and DIY’d by us all, I just kept buying random bunting, lanterns, inflatables, balloons etc… anything you can think of to hang off a table or from a ceiling we had it covered!”

“It took 12 months to somehow cobble it all together, we didn’t stick to a schedule we just booked and secured everything we needed as soon as we saw it, the dress was the MOST stressful after trying on over 100 and buying 8!!! I had actually lost the will to live. But after a serious talking to from my Bridesmaid Laura and a final ditch attempt we managed to find it!”

“I had a real fear about everyone having a good time. All our family and friends had invested so much time and money in travelling to Felixstowe and had put so much effort in that I really wanted to make sure they had the best day. Which, I hope they did!”

“You are getting married because you have fallen in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! How amazing is that!!???!! Just remember that one fact. Have fun, be you, keep smiling and know that those little things you are most stressed about, don’t matter at all when you are standing in front of all your beautiful family and friends saying your vows to the person who is your new permanent team mate for life.”

Images: Kelsie Low Images I Videographer: C&Okay studios I Flowers: Philipa Day I Stationery: Hey! Origami Fox I Reception Venue: Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Membership I Gown: Wed2B I Customised Jacket: Paragon Clothing I Footwear: Sophia Webster I Engagement ring: Carrie Elizabeth I Wedding Ring: Boreham Christopher Jewelers I Hair: Emily Bozier @ The Hidden Gem I Make Up: Amy Prendergast I Suits: Togs of Felixstowe I Ties and pocket squares: Tu @ Sainsburys I Shirt: ASOS I Footwear: Clarks I Bridesmaid Clothes: ASOS I Footwear: M&S I Earrings: ASOS I Personalised identify necklaces: Argos I Flower Women Clothes: Monsoon I Cake: Laura Marshall and Janet McNeill I Big letters: KMS Hire I Camper Van: Confetti camper Vans I 1950 Buick: American Wedding Automobiles I