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Winter White Boots & Shoes for Women Over 70 (or 30) – Fall & Winter Trends to Wear All Through 2018 (and Beyond)

by Tina Boomerina (and Jessica)

Here’s another interview of my daughter’s fashionista good friend, Jessica. Jess is a 30-something charmer, who clothes egotistical heiresses, hoity-toity TV stars, and rich wives of Beverly Hills honchos. I by no means know if I must be asking what the rich and well-known (and previous) wear, nevertheless it seems I can by no means cease myself. So, before I do know it, I’m all the time asking Jess if she has any new style ideas for ladies over 70. This time she stated, “White Boots.”

See the best, most current outfit for women over 50 60 70

White Boots Latest Development for Winter

Truly, the dialog was slightly longer than that… however in the long run… the REAL substance of the convo boiled down to, “Wear white ankle boots or white pumps.”

And, Jessica needs me to stress that white boots are a completely new, trendsetting type. Truly, she used the phrase “cutting edge,” and she or he stated it in a conspiratorial voice that leads me to consider she doesn’t let everyone in on these kind of secrets and techniques.

NOTE: Sorry concerning the models. I would like you to see how individuals fashion white boots, but I do NOT need you to assume Go Go boots are solely for teenagers!

Buy White Ankle Boots and/or White Shoes Now

Thankfully, Jessica recorded most of her ideas for me, so it’s straightforward to relay her concepts.

Observe: I’ve put Jessica’s words in quotations, so you’ll be able to distinguish her concepts from mine.


OK, my pricey associates, even in case you are old enough to keep in mind WEARING Go Go boots within the Mod 60s, I would like you to maintain an open thoughts about white boots. The extra you comply with the white shoe development, the more you are going to like… no love… white retro booties.

Trend Ideas for Women Over 70

Here is my interview with Jess. It started once I texted her:

Tina: Can you consider any new tendencies I can write about for ladies over 70?

Jessica: “Velvet clothes, velvet footwear, velvet handbags, velvet clothes, velvet blazers.”

“Navy blue is primary and looks costlier than black. (Velvet) items are something to purchase proper now that may carry over from fall into spring.”

Tina: Thanks.

Jessica: “Tips for women over 70? Have them do round Chloe sunglasses (oversized) and a structured bag. And, make sure to tell them to use blush.”

Tina: OK.

white boots, white shoes, white patent leather... all looks for women over 40 50 60 70... new fall winter spring trend

The White Shoe Development is So New I Virtually Missed It

Jessica: “White boots and white pumps are big. I mean big NOW in fall and winter. The most important thing to get right now is a pair of white leather ankle boots.”

Tina: Are you saying older ladies ought to wear white ankle boots or are you talking concerning the development normally?

Jessica: “Women over 70.”


White Ankle Boots for Older Women

Earlier than we proceed, I would like you to know that, at first, I used to be extremely skeptical of Jessica’s advice about white ankle boots. I mean… Jessica is telling me to inform you to wear Go Go boots.

Is she critical?

Are the previous and stylish fashionistas, the Iris Apfels of the West Coast, really operating around in white booties? Are white boots a quick fad for wealthy, bored ladies who do nothing but shop? Is that this something that ladies over 50… over 60… over 70… can wear with out wanting like they borrowed their granddaughters’ footwear?

Nicely, Jessica clothes numerous ladies over 70. Her job is to make previous women (like me) look nice in current… but flattering… outfits which might be fashionable enough for London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Hollywood. How can I NOT belief her judgment?

This new trend for fall n winter is so freaking easy. Read a stylists tips for women over 70

Can I Wear White Boots if I’m Over 60 or 70?

OK… I confess… it took me a while to get on the White Shoe Bandwagon, however after taking a look at road types on Pinterest, I’ve determined Jessica was proper. And…now… I WANT A PAIR OF GROOVY WHITE GO GO BOOTS for myself!

Nonetheless unsure concerning the moto jacket.

The Good Outfit for Women Over 70

Jessica then despatched me a voice recording by e-mail. I didn’t even know you can send recordings. So, with many thanks to Jessica, listed here are the current ideas she needs to give all trendy Boomer ladies:

Jessica: “White boots are going to be even bigger than I thought. You should do a whole article on white boots and white pumps… sadly… because it was my thing… my signature style.”

New Trend Winter: Read my stylist friend's tips about flattering outfits & styles for women over 70, well, you can wear it even if you're younger, but she gives excellent tips about being cutting edge trendy without looking stupid.

Good Outfit for Women Over 70

Tina: You are the inspiration for the white footwear development!

Jessica: “Everyone will be wearing white leather ankle boots. They are all over TV. They are all over.”

Jess explains an outfit she thinks will look hip and applicable for ladies over 70. In reality, she is speaking to ALL OF US fantastic chickadees over 50.

Jessica: “You need to pair white boots with a white oversized coat or jacket, or perhaps a sweater jacket.”

Jessica: “The BEST thing can be a white leather motorbike jacket. And, then I feel black jeans or black slacks and a black, light-weight turtleneck.”

Jess continues telling you why this outfit on the appropriate is ideal.

Jessica: “The white jacket is an effective move for… it’s type of a camouflaging… a flattering thing… since you match the boot to the jacket or the sweater.

Jessica: “White leather-based can be excellent. I have a white patent leather-based jacket I bought from a consignment store some time ago. That’s the sort of look you need.”

It took me a few minutes to perceive what Jessica was making an attempt to get at, because she phrases issues delicately as an alternative of blurting things out (like I do), however I confirmed what she meant later… as a result of I needed to understand why she used the word “camouflage”.

Jess doesn’t need me to be gauche and insensitive, but I don’t know another means to clarify why she thinks you’d look good on this black and white outfit.

So, I have to offer you my brazen translation… and I’m sorry in case you snowflakes are shocked, however I’m better at honesty than sensitivity.

Tina: Older ladies, such as you and me, who will not be a measurement zero (chubby), will virtually all the time look good in a black turtleneck, black leggings, and a white jacket that’s left open… as a result of the distinction creates an optical phantasm. Individuals will observe the white jacket and white boots as a result of the white pops out when it’s next to the black, while the black half recedes, making you look skinnier.

The result is that you simply seem like you’ve gotten a tall, elongated, darkly coated body, due to the trick of excessive distinction. You will get this similar effect using any two colours with excessive distinction, resembling a light-weight pink coat over midnight blue or a light-weight metallic jacket over charcoal gray.

I couldn’t find an example of Jessica’s Outfit for Women Over 70, so I made a watercolor sketch to present the concept.

Word: I just realized that buttoning or zipping your white jacket doesn’t change the optical illusion very a lot. The turtle part of your turtleneck will nonetheless present. Attention will still be drawn to all the things white, nevertheless, individuals’s minds will mechanically fill in the blanks to join the top of your turtleneck with the black of your leggings.

What to wear to look hip in fall n winter. really, you should get some white or cream or metallic shoes to wear in the snow

White & Metallic Flats, White Block Heel Shoes

Fashionable Details for Women Over 50, 60, 70

Later, Jessica sent me another observe telling me more concerning the particulars you must incorporate to make this outfit really hip and really flattering.

Jessica: “I like high-neck black or dark turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks on older women. Turtlenecks are nice because sometimes women need to cover their necks.”

Then, Jessica says I shouldn’t write that part… but I left it in… since you already know a number of the causes you may want to cowl your saggy neck.

Add a Chunky Pendant Necklace:

Jessica: “Turtlenecks should be worn with something like a pendant necklace… or a statement necklace… to light up your face. You want something solid. You want something good. It can be a cheaper stone, but for many daytime looks you want colorful beads or a pendant necklace.”

Tina: What a few daring silver necklace with a biker jacket?

Jessica: “Yes, another option is a faux (goldtone or silvertone) metal. It should be something solid, something bold. The focal point should hit the middle of the chest, probably above the breasts, and then you should layer a jacket over that. And, a bold necklace would be cute and modern when worn with a white jacket and booties. Older women can do white… and white is going to be THE BIG TREND.”

Jess sounds a bit of unhappy that ladies are copying her favorite fashion, however I inform her it’s a compliment, and she or he’ll provide you with a new development.

Can you wear white ankle boots n shoes if you're over 50 60 70

White Ankle Boots & Shoes, Pink, Silver, And so on.

Jessica Explains Why White Boots are a Good Purchase

Jessica: “White is not a fad. HAVE YOUR READERS DO WHITE BOOTS with a white leather coat or white cardigan, because that’s THE THING right now and it’s so fun and chic and avant-garde because white in winter is so taboo-ish. And I think It would be a cute look.”

Tina: In case you are a classy lady who feels she might by no means put on white ankle boots with heels, you possibly can update any boring, unusual outfit with: White pumps, white ballet flats, white slingbacks,white brogues, white mules, white Doc Martins, and so forth.

Simply be sure that your footwear is fashionable enough that you simply don’t seem like you’re sporting orthopedic footwear… or perhaps orthopedic granny footwear ARE the type. Who knows? Hipsters might have “discovered” orthopedic footwear of their neighborhood thrift retailer.

Different fashionable boots and footwear which might be virtually as fashionable as white: pale gray ankle boots, mild silver ankle boots, child pink ankle boots, and any shiny footwear in random colors that match NOTHING in your outfit.

Additional Fashion Ideas From Jess

I used to hate crop jeans, but I love them with white boots. This outfit gives LOVE. Perfect for women over 50 60 70 or any grown up adult woman

White Boots Spring Development Over 70

Jessica: “Tell your readers to add a little volume to their hair if they can… but not overdone. Adding a little volume is important… because if you can add height to your crown, it does something to your face which is nice. If possible, get a blowout. People who can’t afford a good salon should find a way to do a blowout at home or have a friend help out.”

Tina: My hair is just too thin. That’s why I wear hats.

*Warning: Risks of Darkish Jeans and Black Leggings With White:

Jessica mentioned black leggings and black slacks so much, and once I contacted her to discover out if older ladies should do this look with dark jeans and a navy turtleneck, she stated denims or jeggings can be good… after which she FREAKED OUT a bit and needed me to give you the following warning:

Jessica: “Be careful with dark-washed denim and low cost black pants. Don’t wear a dark shade subsequent to a white leather jacket or a white purse until you verify that the colour gained’t bleed. I once wrecked a fantastic white purse that approach.”

(Her purse was in all probability as much as I spend all yr on style.)

Jessica: “To find out if dark clothing will ruin leather (or your white couch), rub it with a paper towel to see if there’s a color transfer. You should check expensive clothing, just to be safe.”

Thanks Jess. You just saved someone a lot of money.

White Leather-based, White Vinyl, White Patent Leather Equipment & Clothes:

Jess is true about Go Go boots.

I have checked out quite a couple of outfits online and on the tube. I promise you’ll look hip and avant-garde in white footwear in fall, in winter, and most undoubtedly in spring and summer time. Adding white boots or footwear to any outfit is the simplest approach on the earth to update your fashion and this development is right here to stay… nicely… it’s right here for at the least the subsequent a number of years.

you need go go boots

Ex Essential Photograph

white ankle boots

Important Photograph: White Ankle Boots

Photograph Credit:, Tina Boomerina Gregoire.

  • Ex Principal Photograph: Oliver Bonas (UK). What was I considering?
  • Major Photograph: White Ankle Boots: I couldn’t stand having an image of a teenybopper, so I painted a principal photograph. (Hint: It’s not as straightforward as it seems to be. And, sure… I am a modernist painter. I like painterly colours and purple hair.)
  • White Boots Latest Development for Winter: River Island (Dagnabit! These boots bought out. River Island has other white footwear and cute stuff. Nevertheless, I feel you’ll find an identical sockboot with a kitten heel at Asos.)
  • The White Shoe Development is So New I Virtually Missed It: Miss Selfridge (teenyboppers), Marks & Spencer, New Look.
  • Can I Wear White Boots if I’m Over 60 or 70? Pinterest collage by Tina Boomerina.
  • Good Outfit for Women Over 70: Watercolor sketch by Tina Boomerina.
  • White & Metallic Flats, White Block Heel Shoes: LaRedoute (all).
  • White Ankle Boots & Shoes, Pink, Silver, And so forth.: Asos (all).
  • White Boots Spring Development Over 70: Marks & Spencer. (Don’t whine. I had to put this caption on this photograph so you would find my article in a Google search.)

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